Delaying Turn In of Final Mission Lilith DLC

Ok…I have basically completed the Commander Lilith DLC to the point of turn in of the final mission. I know from research that the Mouthwash Relic is rewarded. Game says I am at Level 73. Can I delay turning that mission in till I level up to OP10…thus getting a level 10 Mouthwash?

If I do not turn it it…can I go back and farm Uranus to level up to 80?

Do I have to run the Peak at OP 0 at least once in order for my “credit” for having been an OP 8 character to kick in?


no, it’ll be rewarded at the level you accepted the mission at, like every other mission reward in this game (unless farming for lower than OP10 on an OP10 mission, i guess)


Ah…it’s been a while…forgot that caveat…thank you.

Are there any considerations I need to make before starting to try to farm Uranus to level up to 80?


Leave a lot of room in your backpack for all the loot!

I used Uranus to level my Siren up from 75.5 to 80.

Make sure to get close enough to the one-way fast travel station to trigger the save point before killing Uranus. Then when you save and quit you will start from there.