Delete please mods

Lemme know what you need :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any Ghast Calls with anointment. Never seen one and gave up farming for it. For ammo regen, run a Hex, Quasar or Storm Front (as examples) with terror regen and then have a shield with ammo regen.

If you are dead set on a Ghast Calls, the best you will get is Roided, Vindicated or Cloning without anointment.

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That is disappointing news. I appreciate the info, man. Thank you. I was looking for a nade that would benefit from flesh melter. Making a Zane nade build using the his new mod. Trying to get nade regen and infinite ammo without cutpurse.haha. I’m just testing things. :slight_smile:

A purple grenade mod that has divider + corrupter + either divider/large/singularity would be your best bet. N maybe hunt for a shield with ammo regen

I’m using a shield with plus 50% corrosive dmg on ASE. That’s one reason why i want to combine it with Flesh melter. I want to stack that with flesh melters 5 stacks of 25% bonus. I was hoping to add some ammo regen since i won’t be using cutpurse. I was thinking Terror would be the best for that. Combining Pocket full of Grenades with Zanes new mod means Nade Zane has potential.

I sometimes run Zane with a full cryo build with a MIRV Hex (terror regen) and a shield (ammo regen). Note, the ammo regen is % based and is only viable with large clips on high fire rates unless you pause monetarily to regen ammo.

I really slept on how powerful Terror was gonna be. I wish i grinded it more. I was convinced they would nerf it to the ground after the event.lmao.
I have like no terror anointments. I might have to scrap the ammo regen and focus strictly on DMG.
I have a widow maker with plus 25% grenade,weapon, and AS dmg on grenade throw.
I’m using doubled barrel, destroying the clone with doppelbanger to activate the shields plus 50% corrosive Dmg, pop clone again with a corrosive weapon, and throw nades like hell.
With the mod im getting nades almost anytime i shoot enemies. don’t know if digiclone activates the mod too with doubled barrel. Flesh melter gives you crazy damage. having a blast in Mayhem 4 with it.

yeah, ghast call doesn’t come annointed, at least not this year round.

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Yeah, the terror anoints are powerful when you stack them correctly. I will say, the noise and the green ghosting on the screen has become tedious. Also, it reduces handling and accuracy the more terror you have. With Maliwan Takedown and now the new Jackpot leggos, I am actually looking forward to trying out some other builds without the howl of terror in the background.

My issue with Zane is he his builds have a very narrow sweet spot to make playable at a high level. And then you also need seriously maxed out items. I have yet to find a viable grenade build without sacrificing survivability. The only class mods I run are the Executioner and now the new Seeing Dead which both support the same hitman builds.

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