Deleted my SHiFT account trying to get multiplayer to work

So I was having issues with not being able to find multiplayer games or lobbies, or having incorrect passwords to games that have no passwords etc, so I decided to try and change my country settings on the shift website…
The website didn’t want to update my country, so I decided to just start from scratch and delete my account and recreate a new one.
Now when I try and play the Homeworld Beta, it asks me to type “BETA” and no matter what I type, it always says “The code you entered is invalid”.

getting basically the same thing. its stopping me linking through stream because i cant type the characters to prove im human. must be bugged to the gills right now

Wow. That’s a horrible bug. IT’s gotta be fixed asap.

Same here. Any resolutions yet?

I managed t get it working by contacting gearbox support, they sorted it out pretty quick.