Deleted save files being able to restore

Hi…rented the game a while ago but didn’t have time to play it so I deleted it from my ps4…I recently bought it and was wondering if I could somehow get the save file with my character if I deleted it from my hard drive


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Getting your file back depends on a couple of things:

  • Did you have the PSN cloud save feature enabled?
  • When you deleted the game, did you just delete the game data or game+user data?

If you just deleted the game data but not the user data, you should still have your save file. If you deleted both, and you didn’t have the cloud backup enabled, then you’re out of luck.

Check this page for more info

This isn’t a joint option on PS4, you delete the game, and to delete the save you’d need to go into the storage options and delete the saves that way. Also Cloud Storage is automatically on if you have PS+, to check the saves on there, click the Playstation Plus option on the far left of the home screen options, and click Manage Membership. Here you can click Online Storage and see everything on there.

I know - that’s why I posted that link. It’s possible that the OP did both.

OK that’s something I didn’t know - I was under the impression that PS4 let you turn that on and off (unlike XB1).