Deleting a save file

Due to the bugs I’ve encountered I made copies of my saves in the same folder my saves are in so they ready something like “6B - Copy.sav” or “21 -Copy.sav” and I am getting pretty annoyed that they don’t get deleted permanently when I delete them, meaning I delete them and they pop-up again when I check after ending a session of the game. I’ve tried dragging and dropping into the trash bin, I’ve tried the right click delete, I’ve tried the “Shred” option my antivirus offers. Nothing works. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Moved to PC tech support since that seems more relevant.

If you’re making your own backup saves, you should put them in a separate folder - I’d recommend putting them on a separate drive entirely. If you’re going to leave them in the same folder, then at least tag an extra suffix on the end.

It sounds like cloud save for your system (Epic or Steam) is turned on, has sync’d the copies, and keeps restoring them. I don’t know enough about either system to be able to say how likely that actually is or how you could check, but there should at least be on-line guides to turning those on/off. IIRC Steam also lets you view your cloud saves through the launcher (@Adabiviak?) so I would check those things first.

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It is the Cloud save. It will restore the missing files it has a record of forever or until they give us some way to delete them. You can turn it off. In Steam you right-click on the game and select Properties then click the Update tab. At the bottom is Cloud Save switch.
If you turn it off…make sure you back up your files. I have a request into Steam to delete the corrupt ones. Until they fix it I have it turned off. I’d recommend turning off Cloud Save if you are using other people’s saved game files.

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And I’d recommend not using other people’s saved game files, because the risk of it screwing your game up can be quite high. As usual, YMMV and all.

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Here’s the Steam option to enable/disable cloud saves; I’m not sure if Epic even has cloud saves? If so, I can’t find a place to turn them on or off.

You can view and download your cloud saves at, but like @hawkens71 says, they don’t seem to be able to be deleted off the cloud.

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Epic does have a cloud save functionality, but it’s pretty basic. I forget exactly where they hid the on/off option.

Yes… I didn’t know any better when I did it. Was watching a build stream and assumed it was harmless. Messed my Guardian Ranks up.

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I’ve been using some game saves for characters I don’t play often to just drop off gear in my bank and use it on my own. Will that still screw up anything?

Welp, just lost my save file on Epic…after hours of progress. That ■■■■■■■ cloud sync question is so confusing and scammy. All I have left is a profile.sav with nothing on it…This cloud save crap is so annoying and I hate how developers are so obsessed with it.

Have a look and see if there’s a *.tmp file in there. profile.sav is your cosmetics, keys, bank, etc. If there is a *.tmp file, try renaming it (I think you can just trim the .tmp off as that is just tagged on to the existing .sav extension?)

Ironically, there were a lot of folks complaining that cloud sync was a missing feature on the Epic platform before BL3 launched. Personally, I’d always go local incremental backups (with or without my own cloud saves) but then I tend to be a bit paranoid about these things - probably the fact that I’ve been dealing with save and backup issues since the days of single sided floppy disks (5.25, 7, and 10 inch versions)

I managed to fix it several days ago. I was just messing around with the files. I don’t exactly know what I did, but at least we know it can be fixed now.

I’d still recommend keeping your own backups of the entire saves folder. Storage is cheap enough and there are various options for making incremental backups.

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