Deleting items, directly, from Bank

Please add this option.

If it’s there already and I’m just not seeing how to do it, someone please let me know.



I’ve been thinking about this too. It would be so nice to be able to select thing as junk and sell it all right away. It would also be really nice to be able to search through your bank according to anointment (alongside type, manufacturer, score and the other things they have now).

Too many mistakes could happen id rather not.

At least i know i manually did it. My.banks storage for stiff i wanna keepm i gotta mega huge backpack.

You can always pick up and mark stuff as junk.
I dont have problem with the inventory system atm.

Just my opinion. Id feel more ppl would be tired n accidentally delete stuff if it was easy to do in the bank.

Also.once u move from an area ur shop stuff cant be regotten. I.ahine making a mistake n logging off? Its happend…now imagine ur bank stuffs gone now. Jeezues. I think it’s too risky

That’s a good point. Perhaps they could count it by making it possible to buy back stuff you decide you want back, similarly to how shops currently work.

So imagine u teleport or log off from being tired
Its gg no going back. I see more ppl making mistakes than finding it useful.

To me the banks a place to keep stuff. U wanna keep
We got a a ton of backpack slots. Even if i am full alot. I realize ya gotta rid of junk. I been spamming the mark as trash button carefully n sell all trash. It works literally

You have space for half a hundred about. Thats alot.
Near 400 slots.

Just my opinion but the game doesnt allow buybacks at a certain item sold point thrrshold which i hit in regularity.

My problem now is that I have 300+ items that are largely trash now with the level increase. I have to move loot item by item times into my backpack. Mark each item trash one by one and wander over, sell the group. Sanity check I didn’t sell anything actually useful. Rinse and repeat 6 times. I have wound up devoting entire gaming sessions to doing nothing but selling loot in my bank. Really would be a big QoL improvement to allow for faster bank maintenance. If you are concerned about accidentally selling good stuff then you could manage the bank the way you do now.

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