Deleting profile save

Does anyone know whether you lose your guardian rank, heads/skins (especially those that are no longer available, such as from the cartel event), and pre-order bonuses (e.g. ability to get the ultraball grenade) if you delete your profile save?

My game suddenly started pausing while playing–e.g., you’re fighting, then the game will freeze for one or two seconds, then continue, then freeze again. I tried switching characters, quitting to the main ps4 dashboard and re-launching the game, ejecting the disk and re-launching the game, and playing offline. Playing offline worked for about 45 minutes but then it started happening again. The only thing I can think of is my profile save is corrupted–I back it up to the cloud but I’m certain the backup version would be corrupted as well as I backed it up before realizing it might have been the problem.

My characters are all backed up and my bank right now has weapons I can afford to lose (lower level gear I’m using to level up a few characters before DLC 4)–but I’d hate to lose my guardian rank and other bonuses I’ve obtained (or had via pre-order of the game).

By deleting your profile save, you will loose every global customizations like heads, skins, echo themes, emotes, trinkets and weapon skins. Everything in the bank will be out too.
Items from Deluxe edition (like Ultraball grenade) aren’t a part of save itself, you can always activate them from PS Store. I guess there was a redeem code for them in physical version?

Not sure about Guardian Rank, it is stored in the profile, but I heard from PC players that downloading someones saves were causing GR increase, so maybe they are somehow connected.

I doubt it’s the save issue. Did you tried rebuilding database from PS4 safe mode? Or reinstaling the game? If you have all saved backed up* you can try without them, but try the rebuilding database first.

*always have more backups, one in PS+ cloud, one on USB stick and even copy it to PC. Just in case.

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this is why i back up save data on like on games onto usb incase as dont want to restart again annoying grind games if data gets corrupt etc

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I just tried the database rebuild (something I’ve never done in the five or six years I’ve owned the PS4). I read corrupted files would be removed and after the rebuild my profile save was still there (I had backed everything up but my concern was if my profile save was corrupted then I would have uploaded a corrupted backup to the cloud/USB-that happened to me in BL2 but in that case I only lost what was in the 4 item shared storage-somehow my heads and skins remained even after deleting my profile).

I launched the game and everything I have is still there–will try playing later–hopefully that worked. I suppose if my profile save remained after the rebuild and is not corrupted then whatever the issue is could probably be fixed (if this didn’t do the trick).

So my lag issue returned after about 12-15 hours of gameplay–do you think it’s possible the twitch extension is causing a problem (maybe something from a recent hotfix interacting with it)? I restarted my ps4 and turned off the twitch extension and it seems to be running better.

Yeah, turn the Twitch thing off. Also you may want to change the frequency of Social notifications to low or off.

Had about 9 hrs gameplay since turning those off with no problems. Hopefully that solved it. If not, then I’m out of options other than deleting my profile and seeing if that works.