Deluxe and pre order reward? (PS4)

Its been about a week and me and my friends still cant get the reward, is this normal to you guys? Or Asian players isnt worthy to you guys, we find lots of ways to let you know our requests, Twitter,Facebook,gearboxsupport, but no reponse to some of us.
Some of us get your reponse, just keep telling us you guys are working on it, but that was 4 days ago, after that, still nothing.
Please, we really like this game, dont fail us just because this stupid mistake from you.

What reward are you referring to?

If you mean the Firstborn Pack, the five free golden hero skins for Thorn, Reyna, Montana, Marquis, and Rath, they did come if you pre-ordered (I’ve got them).

Note that you had to pre-order the Deluxe Digital Edition before the game launched (not after). Also only the person whose PSN profile the game was purchased on will get these golden hero skins.

Me too from Asia PSN cannot get any of the award :tired_face:

I understand ur frustration but I have already made exactly the same thread here

Do avoid having duplicate threads and let’s help each other and provide information in that thread I have created. Let’s work together.

I pre ordered and still nothing for now
They keep ask lots of data to prove I bough and do not admit their mistakes

Ok, hope we can make this through.

Feel so bad. I can’t feel they think we problems are important.