Deluxe Edition Weapons Bugged

I ordered the deluxe edition and got the weapons through the mailbox without any issues, however the weapons I got are all level 1 and have 0 for all stats. They cannot even be shot, so there is obviously an issue here. Something to note that has been brought up in another post is that I did redeem the weapons while on a vehicle, so this may be why they are bugged. Proof of bug in this link

Hey there - could you file a support ticket detailing what you’ve found? I think this is the first time I’ve seen a hint of a cause here.

Absolutely same problem here too! thought it was just me, so I’m verifying my game install just incase something’s changed in the meantime… worth sticking in a ticket myself?

Just submitted a ticket, hope this gets fixed soon, thanks.

Put in a ticket myself with 2k games, hopefully, one of us will get some help ^^

I also have the same problem. I claimed while sitting in a vehicle as well.

Thanks for confirming. Can you submit that info in a support ticket if you haven’t done so already?

Done and done, with added screenshots too! aren’t you lucky peoples ^^