Deluxe editions and Xbox built in game share function


I’m just wondering if anyone has and info/details on whether the extra skins and such in the deluxe edition will be accessible to both people if they game share?

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no, only the person who bought the game will get the digital content.:disappointed_relieved:

Generally speaking, no. Those types of things do not carry over between accounts. I can’t speak specifically about Borderlands 3’s content but from personal experience with other games account based bonuses do not carry over. If you can go to “manage game” and see the content installed then it carries over, if its not there its restricted to the account who redeemed it.

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, though in BL2 things like the the bonus heads/skins from the collector’s editions such as the diamond loot box were shift items and were only available on one account once redeemed.

I’m guessing there’s a good chance the bonus heads and skins would be included as SHiFT codes? If so, that would certainly be one account only.

This is one reason why I’m holding off on pre-ordering as well as waiting to see if they pull a Battleborn and lock DLC content to the paid profile on xbox only - which is a kick in the junk to couch-coop players.

The super deluxe will increase to $120 i believe after september. So it is better to preorder before that

It’s already $120 in Canada :frowning: Pre-order includes the golden skins, at least here in the increasingly defrosted north.

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