Dem Legends doe! (Legendary Items idea list)

Copy n’ pasted from the old forum, cuz i dunno how to p0rt.

Few gun ideas I’ll throw out here, I noticed some manufacturers are missing weapon types that they’d normally have a legendary for, so I’ll throw those out there first.



Double the fun!(And the murder…):

Fires two bullets for the price of one, extended magazine, upon a kill double the amount of bullets used are returned to the magazine for free.



Bouncing Bunny
Whats up doc?

Increased damage and projectile speed. When reloaded the projectile is thrown into the air and produces child grenades based on the number of enemies present, with each grenade doing half the damage of the parent projectile. Then parent projectile comes down and homes in on a random enemy with large splash radius impact.


Who will protect YOU from the horde?

High stats overall including fire rate and recoil reduction, regenerates ammo.


Machine Gun(AR)

Eavy’ Duty
Uh Oh! We got us a “Badass” over here!

Increased magazine, accuracy, and reload speed. Missed shots have a chance to ricochet and hit enemies. Also, kills grant a chance to not consume ammo, but every time this happens accuracy and reload speed receive a penalty.



A plague on both your houses!

Does incendiary and corrosive damage, with high elemental effect chance, damage, and DoT. Dot has a chance to spread to nearby enemies.



“The gun’s name should be frieza, I’m just saiyan”.

Mandatory cryo element. x3 projectile count with a high chance to freeze, increased projectile speed and mag size.



Sledge’s Legend
The TRUE legend returns!

Jakobs coach gun with moderately large spread, with a base magazine of six. When fired, this gun unloads all of its rounds, has a stun/knockback ability to the pellets.

Head Hunter
For huntin’ heads.

Jakobs long rider that fires 1 highly damaging slug at an increased speed, has a bonus 120% critical hit damage which gets a bonus of 5% every time a crit area is shot. Bonus crit stacks decay while out of combat.


Vengeance be mine.

Does 50% bonus damage and bonus 25% crit damage upon kills, ability does stack, but decays outside of combat.

To forgive is divine, I am not.

Sports 1000% critical damage modifier, with increased base damage, but with increased reload time, and a magazine size of 3. Will always have a scope.

Sniper Rifle

This ain’t no game, I’m takin’ all you have.

Fully automatic sniper with a mandatory 7 magazine size and increased recoil. Magazine Automatically reloads itself with free ammo upon kills, and head shots have a life steal effect.



(Hammer of the gods.)

Torgue double barrel shotgun that shoots pellets in a tilted hammer spread for more predictable accuracy. slightly reduced recoil, and increased fire rate capped out at 4.0.


Sniper Rifle

Life bites, and explodes too apparently.

Has a high corrode chance and strong corrosive dmg overtime, target corrodes until it dies. Also, critical hits cause explosions with critical kills having a small chance to create large explosions.



Bone Rippa’
Number one cause of osteoporosis.

x4 Projectile count at the cost of 1 ammo, increased damage and magazine size. Decreased accuracy.



Frost Giant
And from cold and darkness they came.

Launcher with a x4 projectile count at the cost of reduced damage and reload speed, mandatory cryo element. Rockets home in and deal bonus explosive damage.


Sniper Rifle

Payment Due
And you’re gonna pay for it.

Increased fire rate and damage, critical hit kills cause a singularity effect that freezes targets that are pulled in.


Your time has passed, and your future is waiting. Come peacefully, or burn in ash forever.

Vastly reduced damage, but has a +500% critical hit modifier and a +500% melee damage modifier that benefits from the crit modifier. Increased movement speed while you have this weapon equipped.


Best in show.

Pearl version of the Bullpup, magazine capped at 30, with a +2 projectile count. But has a +25% critical modifier compared to the Bullpup’s +50%, and a decreased reload speed. Makes barking sounds upon kills as a novelty effect.


I don’t think I can stop myself.

Hyperion SMG with a x2 projectile count, and increased magazine size. Each kill with this weapon grants a +2 projectile, magazine size, fire rate, and damage increase, but at the cost of a stacking reduced accuracy penalty. Stacks can only be removed by swapping or unequipping the weapon, but also remove any positive buffs that have stacked as well. Bonus projectiles upon kills are capped at 8.

Refer to post #9 for an update.

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Also, I know the formatting sucks, but I’m still gettin’ use to the new forums.

The ones of mine I could find.

The Clap
Burn, Bitch

Fire Nova Shield
When attacked with melee, releases an enormous fire Nova
huge DoT
100% burn chance

Buzz Off
Vladof pistol
always shock
Basically an improved anarchist. every other shot doesn’t consume ammo.

Get off my Lawn!
singularity grenage, breaks into 3/5 when thrown, creating 3 different, large singularities.
all elements, only spawns longbow.

Get Down with the Sickness
Scav AR
always corrosive
randomly procs fire (fever)
corrosive procs every shot.

Tediore booster shield
gun damage +20%
when shield is down, +20% damage reduction

The Step-Father
Bring me my belt.
amp shield
medium roid damage
When depleted roid damage doubles for 5 seconds

Spirit Gun
Maliwan Pistol
all parts fixed maliwan
Fires a massive ball of energy, similar to the lighter, but very fast bullet speed
extremely high damage, but very slow reload, something like 1.0.


Gets rid of Man-Pain

explosive spike shield.

fires explosive homing spikes every time you take damage.

homing spikes have hidden melee damage equal to 10% of your total melee.

Bounty Hunter

It’s a Matter of Style

Jakobs Shield

average capacity

50 - 75% chance for enemy bullets to richochet back in a parabolic arc.

no damage loss from richochet.

The Mad King


Scav AR, always bladed

bullets fly at several different speeds, all at once.

locked fire, melee deals knockback.

Collapsing Neutron Star

I wasn’t expecting company…

Maliwan Rocket launcher, special hyperion barrel

rockets create a singularity upon impact, then explodes with a large AOE.

Legen-dary (always spawns with “Legen” prefix)

wait for it

Nova shield

When shield is depleted, releases nova that downs all shields in range.

Got a few ideas myself:


“Gun and sword, in accord”
Combination Amp and Roid shield.
Passively gives Amp Damage based on current charge so long as the shield is up (even when not fully charged) but drains shields (aka, gives 100% of listed amp damage while fully charged, gives 50% damage when at 50% charge, etc.)
Also passively gives bonus melee damage based on how empty the shield is, (aka, gives only 5% of Melee Bonus when charged at 95%, but has 75% of listed melee at 25% charge, etc.) but melee attacks ADDS shields equal to Amp Drain stat.
Overall, has 75% Amp Damage and Melee Bonus of an equal parts Amp/Roid shield.

“Vengeance in a new way”
Resistance/Nova Shield by Ashin.
Provides a passive resistance to last element that hit the shield, until shield is depleted. When shield is depleted, it releases a nova of the same element that it had before it was depleted (defaults to explosive.)
Does not provide Health bonus, and Elemental resistance is only 30-40%.


“Praise it!”
Bandit/Scav Rocket Launcher.
Rockets flies in a swirling pattern mid-flight, like the Helix from BL1.

“You can’t hide”
Tediore Rocket Launcher.
Rockets home in on closest enemy. When reloaded, the launcher itself homes on targets as well, but with much more limited range.

Serpent’s Tail Oz kit

Oxygen does not deplete.
When enemies are present, fires a 100% accuracy 2 second burst beam laser.
this has a cooldown.

Troll King
He laughs while beating you up.

Maliwan launcher
fires 3 random element rockets

Shameless Prankster

Booster Shield
throws several boosters at a time in all directions. boosters restore ammo, but damage enemies one mag clip.

I’m all for bringing the Defender back. the Hunter’s version is hands down my favorite gun in the borderlands franchise. Fun Fact: it was Roland’s favorite gun. I’d change the red text to “He could do this all day…” as a reference to the original gun and one of Roland’s phrases from Borderlands.

Cool ideas guys, keep sharing!

“Old-fashioned explosions!”
Double-barreled Torgue Shotgun.
Stats are much more comparable to an high-level Jakobs shotgun with same parts (low mag cap, high damage + extra pellets, faster reload.) However, this is an extremely close-range shotgun as the pellets explode as soon as they leave the barrel. High knock back on enemies. Also looks like a Jakobs Shotgun with blackened barrel and a crudely painted explosion on the side of the body.

“Call me Jump and Shoot man!”
Hyperion Blaster Laser Rifle (though it looks like it has a Maliwan barrel.)
Extremely reduced damage, and cannot spawn with an element. Does not consume ammo.

Waiver Form
“Hyperion is not responsible for the harm done onto others with this weapon”
Hyperion Splitter Laser Rifle.
Each individual projectile flies in a wave motion, while they are arranged in a triangular pattern.

Red Text is underneath the titles of the guns, and white text will be in parentheses. Updated Unforgiven, Vengeance, Hammer, Reaper, and Thanatos.

Legendary Weapons


“Sniping for Dummies.”

Jakobs sniper rifle with 2 methods for sniping. First is a traditional method, with an accuracy of 80, after achieving a critical kill the weapon will receive a 100% accuracy buff and 400% crit bonus until it is unequipped. Second method is shooting the ground, which will cause the projectile to ricochet and split into 3, the 3 projectiles will then home in on the nearest enemy’s critical hit location. The second method has a reduced critical damage result of +90% per projectile.

“Lucky number 7.”

Jakobs revolver with mandatory 7 magazine size. The last round does 800% bonus damage, and If a critical kill is achieved with the last round, the 7th bullet will not be used. This can be done multiple times in succession.

Thunder Drum
“Rain is a comin’.”

Jakobs AR with increased accuracy and reduced recoil. One trigger pull will unload the whole magazine with perfect precision, and the amount of ammo used will be returned to the ammo pool if a kill is achieved.

“Recalled, dismantled, and destroyed.”
(Some one’s LITERALLY getting fired for this.)

Jakobs long rider shotgun with fire and shock capacitor. Has omega-senshu/reaper effect, where it does 25% bonus damage to enemies with full health, and 50% bonus damage to enemies with health at 50% and below.

“Translated as thunder pipe.”

Jakobs coach gun, does not consume ammo and pellets contract with distance. Does 100% bonus damage against badass/boss enemies.


“My church offers no absolution.”

Tediore pistol with 3 perks. Wielding it causes you to regen any lost health at a rate of 2.5% per second, kills will keep your depleted shield up at 50%, and as your health gets low gun damage increases while wielding this gun.

“Let the bodies hit the floor.”

Tediore laser splitter with a x9 projectile count at the cost of 4 ammo, and an increased fire rate. Kills with this weapon will add +11 laser ammo back to your backpack.

Bam Bam

Tediore smg that never comes in an element. After reloading, explosive damage from the reload is transferred to the gun for a period of 30 seconds. The lower the magazine of the gun when reloaded, the higher the explosive damage the gun receives.

Frost Spitter

Tediore cryo shotgun with a 45% freeze chance, and projectiles have explosive splash damage. Reload has a 100% freeze chance and deals explosive damage as well.

Easter Egg
“I said a hip hop,
Hippie to the hippie,…”

Tediore launcher that shoots a colorful easter egg projectile that deals all elemental damage at once. Projectile will bounce back and forth between enemies a random number of times, and has a 12% chance to trap enemies in an easter egg, in which they take x3 damage.


Night Fright
“Welcome to Fright Night. For real.”

Hyperion pistol that shoots 13 homing vampire bats, vampire bats apply a bleeding and life steal effect to targets. All damage done is returned to you as health.

Cat’s Eye
“Nine lives.”

Hyperion sniper rifle with 100% accuracy, each bullet has a 9% chance to do 9x the damage listed on the card.

Smooth Cosmic
“Death is at the center of the universe.”

Hyperion smg with a reduced magazine size, increased damage, slightly reduced accuracy, and decreased reload speed. Each bullet has around a 12% chance to cause a singularity effect, and deal splash damage based on the gun’s element.

“Five heads of death? Oh please, I only need three.”
(Also, might cause frame rate lag.)

Shotgun with Scav/Bandit barrel, only comes in incendiary and sports mediocre accuracy. Shoots 3 pellets which each ricochet 3 times, and are added to by 3 every time they ricochet for a total of 27 pellets. 15% of damage is counted as splash damage.

“Your blood, I live for it.”

Hyperion barreled shotgun that deals bleed damage. Every time a kill is achieved with this shotgun, it loses -0.5% accuracy and gains +1.5 damage. Damage stacks decay if manually reloaded, but it also gains 100% accuracy for 15 seconds.


Red Alert
“Or how I learned to love the bomb.”

Pistol that shoots 3 missiles that home in on enemies at high speed and deal explosive damage. After damage is dealt, projectiles each leave behind a nuclear device that has a 5 second delay.

“Brace for impact.”
(Industrial cleaner.)

Torgue shotgun that shoots 4 fast moving projectiles that each explode an indefinite number of times before impacting a surface or enemy. If an enemy is hit, the projectiles deal incendiary and corrosive damage in addition to explosive damage.


Torgue rifle that shoots a mini cluster of 3 mines that are affected by gravity. Each mine acts like a mirv, releasing 7 child grenades upon impact with an enemy. If the mines land on a solid surface, they remain inactive until triggered by an enemy.

“Did you know that vipers are some of the fastest striking snakes in the world?.”

Launcher with a fast rocket velocity, and 100% accuracy. After impacting an enemy, the rocket splits into 3 homing rockets with double the velocity of the first.


Pure Anarchy
“I wonder how many stacks I can get?”

Vladof pistol that loses 1.5% accuracy and gains 2.5% damage upon emptying the clip or achieving a kill, bullets also ricochet and have a small chance to home in on an enemy. Damage stacks are lost upon a premature reload, but normal accuracy is regained.

Cold War

“For the union.”

Vladof assault rifle that shoots a shotgun-esque spread in a tilted hammer and sickle pattern. Sports decreased accuracy and magazine size, but has an increased critical modifier.

“Convicted of treason, marked for execution.”

Sniper rifle with increased magazine and critical damage. The first bullet in the clip does no damage, but if a critical hit is achieved marks the target for extra damage from the subsequent bullets in the gun. Multiple targets can be marked at once, and mark is permanent until the target dies. Other guns do not benefit from the mark.


Coming soon


Coming soon

I’ll add these to the 1st post at some point.

The whole world cried
Tediore rocket launcher
Fires all rockets at once, in all directions. Reloads explode with full clip damage.

That sounds like it would have great synergy for large crowds.

Constant full rocket clips. Downside is rockets are expensive, and small ammo pool. So its really only a SW weapon.

came up with this for raid bosses thread, putting it here for continuity.


Vladof shotgun
Fires in a huge spread, very high RoF.
that travel a certain distance without contact with an enemy will seek
enemies with 100% accuracy, and gain a 30% damage boost.
Past a certain distance, damage is reduced to half.

Mob control from a distance:D. Gotta get it just right though, as
like the flakker, to close or to far and you get nothing. But in the
sweet spot, BOOM.

That sounds like a fun shotgun to use! I can imagine like a cobalt or metallic blue skin for it.

I want it so bad.

Just wanted to share that you can color weapons and red text:
Red: [color=#FF0000] your text here [close the color tag]

Blue: [color=#2B65EC]

Orange: [color=#FF9900]

Cyan: [color=#00FFFF]

For a full list of colors and their codes check this:


Okay, let me try it out…

“My mistake, four coffins.”
Jakobs Iron Pistol.
Always spawns with a Trick-shot accessory (but doesn’t show the prefix.) Bullets that hit enemies also ricochet into other enemies.

Coffin Gun
“Take them under.”
Jakobs Gatling AR.
"Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger…
Or, you know, hold down the trigger."
Fire rate “reduced” to “only” ~6.0, but is fully automatic instead of semi-auto. (inspired by an old thread on the old forums)

“One shot is all I need.”
Jakobs Muckamuck Sniper Rifle.
300% Critical bonus (+140% compared to base), +300% Base Damage compared to an equal-level purple Muckamuck. Enemies killed with this rifle will explode and deal damage based on the overkill damage. Only 1 magazine size, .1 Fire Rate, and 5.5 reload time.

Fire-element Beam and Railer (sorta) Laser Rifle by Dahl.
Holding down the fire button will produce an OMMMMMINOUS HUMMMMM sound, and a glow at the end of the barrel, but will not actually fire until released. When it does fire, it produces a very large beam that pierces enemies and environment. Damage and Ammo usage is dependant on charge time, and automatically firing when it reaches maximum damage/uses up the entire magazine (most likely the magazine.) When used in the air, it pushes the user in the opposite direction they’re facing.

[Color=red] works just fine.

Cool, thanks Impala.