Demanding split screen mode on PC, couch coop

it didn’t need 4 plyrs, but 2 plyrs is Ok and fine, what game developers always place unfair treat on PC than consoles. i hope there was mod for this on PC soon, however if it is not easily to use like in BL2, i wouldn’t download it . however in this thread, i hope GB can add this back or unlock it on PC, no need 4 plyrs, just two plyrs, couch coop, one PC, two joypad is OK.

my kids and nephews always like to play shooting game, couch coop in my home, i just wonder why such good game they have to remove or locked this on PC, 2 plyrs only, nowdays hardwared should be able to afford this gameplay…

if they have no intention to make it, we have to wait for a mod for that. ( i am saying the mod like one in BL2, currently mod isn’t users friendly).

the dev team on “the division” of Ubisoft do listen to players and make change from our voices, i hope we see the same thing in GB