Demands for nerfs

@Adayum So do you agree or disagree with the changes to anointments? I didn’t read all the way back through the thread, just 15-20 posts.

Personally, I feel like it’s pretty obvious that whatever was intended by the anointment “adjustments” that occurred a few months back were not very impactful on the game. The same things that were powerful before, are still powerful. Maybe there are some action skill builds that are more powerful, I am not too sure.

In hindsight, it did manage to shake up the meta a bit. Ironically, the airborn/sliding gun damage anoint is extremely competitive in the current anoit meta (which is funny because you can only farm it offline). Also, Kill Stack has mostly replaced consec as the gun damage mobbing anoint.

As for the action skill damage anoints, the phaseslam one really helped out a lot, even though I’m unsure if Downfall receives the damage from that anoint. The bearfist anoint make those legitmately scary.


Not really my point. It’s just odd they picked something as specific as that to nerf and not something as general like IB.

I don’t see why IB shouldn’t nerfed in that case.

Majority of the demands for nerfs come from mayhem being poorly balanced so weapons need to be given 200% more damage just do be useable, if enemy health was brought down and then the weapons that have been overly buffed brought down too then mayhem will be in a much better state.
Also the fact that weapons are being granted damage in all game modes just because they’re weak in mayhem is really bad, gbx really should be nerfing enemy health


The real craziness is when you factor in meta gear like Rocketeer, Eternal Flame and Plus Ultra that basically mitigate the weaknesses of IB entirely. I will never argue that those could use some fine tuning, because after that you really have to work the cooldown and it’s basically like Iron Bear without the extra cheese.

That really does a lot, especially if you combine it with Remnant. Add to it the Guardian Angel (obviously you’ll need to use Fracture in that case) and an skill-centric Amara feels really, really nice. And even just with base game gear you can make that build fully viable, which you can’t say for every build.

When it comes to Iron Bear I wouldn’t nerf it big time, because most of its damage comes from all the crazy stuff you can farm for it. I would lower it’s scaling by maybe a third, so that it “only” gets +2000% damage and armor at M10. That would still be plenty of damage, but soloing content without gear would be less doable. Gearbox clearly likes Iron Bear to be a monster, but it doesn’t have to be a monster without any commitment. An alternative would be to further lower the scaling, but to increase the damage bonuses from skills, so that investing into a full build becomes more meaningful and somewhat mandatory to have Iron Bear 24/7 be a viable playstyle.

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That’s the very first time i heard a solution i liked. Nerf the scaling but buff the bonuses on IB gear so that it evens out perfectly, therefore making the gear much more essential. Brilliant.

Let me tell you that it wouldn’t going to be easy to find a good balance here. You have wiggle room, but you need to balance skills in a way that you neither invalidate the looting experience on the first half of the playthrough nor make the skill bonuses too top-heavy or else people will not do any hybrid builds as those naturally wouldn’t get as many high tier skills for IB.

There are some skills that would lend themselves to this as they need buffs anyway, like Explosive Punctuation, which you could give a static +20% buff to IB’s hard point damage. Or Why can’t I carry all these Grenades? and Torgue-Cross-Promotion, one of those skills is just bad and the other seems to be disliked for it’s inconsistency. Forge could also just have a bonus to IB’s damage slapped on top, encouraging it’s usage. And Force Feedback would also work. If Moze scores a critical kill while in IB, IB’s damage could be increased by 20% or so for a while. No massive bonuses, but overall those would add up the more you level up, rounding out to the build as a whole. Also, no more multiplicative bonuses as those throw off the balance of something like IB very easily.

Also, I would for sure tone down the Flare com as it is just a bit ridiculous. If you lower it’s bonus from up to +100% damage to up to +75% damage you’d keep it intact and still have it be less absurd. And last but not least, all “illegitimate” class mods, like Heat Exchanger with more than 1 point in Feature Creep, should be patched out. Have the game reroll the skills of those class mods once you load into the game, so that players don’t loose the passives, but couldn’t get totally extreme bonuses that weren’t meant to be possible in the first place. I know it will suck, I use one of those as well, but it’s just not how it was meant to be. But as it’s possible to do it warps our perception of IB’s damage potential.

Twitter is still a crappy way to communicate. Not “everyone” has a twitter account on here and can’t just see what there up too all the time. Thats my point and still GB has a problem about talking to there fans.
I understand they are different but still a forums supposed to the place to tell everyone about news on the game in some way, shape or form. Not some twitter post that very few see or even use. I respect your opinion and thankyou for the post but my views on the situation show me that they can do better but chose not to. Let them have there little “safe space” and ignore the forums i no longer care. Let them ignore everybody cause there doing great job on that already. I officially throw in the towel on them and anything there going to do if we see anything show up that is.

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It’s also a format in which it’s very easy to lose information among the noise completely. Unless the channel in question doesn’t post much or get much traffic.

I understand not appreciating that GBX doesn’t post news on the forum, but this is just objectively untrue. There aren’t many more members on the GBX forums total than the BL3 subreddit (there used to be a way to see the number of accounts registered on the GBX forums and I had the amount at BL3 launch, I’ll try to find that post later), and Twitter has literally billions of users that eclipse reddit. Sure, most of us would love to see the news posted here specifically because we don’t have other social media accounts, but I do think we need to distinguish between our personal preferences (which are not unreasonable, it wouldn’t be a huge lift to copy paste a tweet here) and the objective reality that way more people use Twitter than the GBX forums.

Twitter is a ravenous cesspit to GBX a fair amount of the time. There were a lot of mean spirited comments when DLC 6 related stuff was delayed due to the winter storms in Texas.

At the end of the day, these forums are a platform like any other, no more superior or inferior in anything but total number of users. I definitely agree that GBX needs to do better in communicating across all the platforms they have a presence on.


We are in the middle of a monumental nerf to development to BL3.
They have the means to check kill counts on bosses, so the event could just event to the social media team.
The patch for Card 3 on paper will just be updating the game to run the card. we will be very lucky for a buff on a weapon.
So this game is practically finished on development side.


I hope you’re right honestly. I said this before but i’ll say it again, if gearbox tries to rebalance in any way this close to Wonderlands releasing it would be disastrous.

Well I wont be touching it til the 2 year mark, so I am good.