Demon Bear OP - When Nova says "Nice find, Commander"

If you get the “Check out the Cage” Side Quest, it drops a loot Pack.

It can range from Common to Epic (as far as I’m aware)… but the thing is, it sonetimes doesn’t Display it right.

One Time I got a Epic Loot Pack there but it didn’t show an Epic Loot Pack under the cage… just randomly said Epic Loot Pack aquired.

To be honest… I have NEVER seen an in game drop of the Epic Loot Pack, neither in the Big Chests which always have gear nor at this spot.

Anyway… if you wondered there you got a Pack from, this might be the spot.

Had that side quest a few times now, but I’m usually scrambling to get it before something kills me so I haven’t been keeping track. Definitely had loot packs from it, though. (You need to get the side quest before Nova announces she can interface with an old sap drill. Still haven’t figured out if that’s on a simple timer, or it depends on # enemies killed.)

Sometimes it doesn’t show up, but when the loot pack does, I find it smaller than even a single loot-item-pyramid thing.