Demon Bear Ops Bug?

Played the mission 5 times last night, 2 of those play throughs the room were you sometimes either inspect the book or grab that weird amulet seemed to by pass any type of side mission for the usual 10 ops points in that spot. anyone else get this problem?

i had this happen a couple times too. not sure if it was intended to be like that where they rotate the ops opportunities. sometimes its there and sometimes there are more challenges

Yeah, its happening here. IDK why.

Maybe, by grabbing the book you already get OPP enough for that scene. It becomes a way to avoid anoying side mission.

I believe they solves this in my discussion thread. It involved a stun I think? I haven’t played it yet so I barely understood

Sometimes you get a side mission that has to deal with the enemies in the next area right outside this room but still on some runs i am not getting any of the options.

I think just got this challenge a solo Isic run, except it is for sure my challenge but I can’t seem to grab the book. Very fustrating. Waste of time.