Demon Drop - Shayne & Aurox PVP Build Guide

(alltheshinies) #1

I made a build for Shayne & Aurox I call “Demon Drop”. Here’s the guide for it!


Character Rank 12 (The Power of Two helix)

Helix Selections:

1 - (RIGHT) Welcome Committee
2 - (LEFT) Wait For The Drop
3 - (LEFT) Boomerang Bounce
(MIDDLE) The Power of Two
(RIGHT) Hulk Out With Your Djinn Out
4 - (MIDDLE) We’ll Take Everything
(RIGHT) Holding It Down
5 - (LEFT) The Immortal Aegis
6 - (LEFT) Sneaky ‘N Resilient
7 - (MIDDLE) Boom Goes The Boomerang
(RIGHT) Bigger, Badder Djinn
8 - (LEFT) Sustained Stealth
9 - (LEFT) Quite Fetching
10 - (RIGHT) Aurox Beckons

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Survivor’s Regrowth Serum►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second
+4.20 Health Regeneration per Second after surviving for 180 seconds

◄Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft►
+8.32% Attack Damage
+4.61% Attack Speed

◄Vow of Zealous Fury►
+7.93% Attack Speed
+6.74% Critical Hit Damage
Activating a skill stacks +1.59% Attack Speed. Max 5 stacks.

Capture Gear:

◄Artificial Vitae►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second

+8.40% Attack Speed

◄Erratic Internal Capacitor►
+140 Maximum Shield Strength
-21.00% Reload Speed

(unmaking the universe with math) #2

Have you ever considered either shield capacity or recharge rate? Because of her heavy emphasis on shield health, recharge rate goes along way in increasing the usefulness of her instant recharge skill and her survivability. capacity increases over shields cap as well.

(Geno) #3

That’s basically the exact same build I use on the regular except majority of the time I stick with boomerang bounce on incursion/meltdown and go with power of two on capture, granted the boomerangs don’t do too much damage but like you said in your vid they’re great for poking enemies down then you can go for the fetch once they’re lower to secure the kill.

The gear I usually roll with is Stolen edge of arcvynorr which it’s extra effect goes really well with boomerang bounce since you can just let the rangs fly and you’ll end up getting those 5 crits, Vow of Vengeance and intermittent angel for staying in the fight, if my math is right atk speed will max out at 21.84% atk dmg can get up to 18.20%.

(alltheshinies) #4

Yeah, I gave both shield capacity and shield recharge a go and they work great if you choose the shield recharge on helix 3, but it really hindered my ability to kill and I like to murder people so I decided it wasn’t for me. Keeping my attack focused gear with the tankier options is a nice balance for me for survivability and killing power, but if you wanted to be a “tank” you can definitely go that route, just don’t expect a lot of kills. :slight_smile: