Demoskaagon, where art thou?

Im getting rather impatient with this enemy not spawning. Is there some sort of low percentage that they dont spawn? do i need a sacrifice for them?

Ive gone and left the map hundreds of times since the start of the event. and it hasnt spawned again. It spawned once, i killed it with a vehicle and it didnt count towards the event. Ive been trying and trying but no luck.

am i missing something on how to summon it?

What event?

Bloody Harvest bruh. He is one of the tasks in the challenges

Damn I don’t remember killing him. I have to stop drinking when I play BL3!

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its a unique enemy that spawns in the droughts. i believe there was a side quest about it.

All the bloody harvest rare spawns popped for me first time, I thought bloody harvest made them just spawn but maybe I just got lucky.

I have the bounty active on my Flak, if you’re on xbox add me (Stray2615), I’ll kill him and you’ll get the bounty so they’ll spawn.

Bad luck maybe. Have you tried on mayhem mode? Also check your rare spawn quest bulletin area in sanctuary and he may pop up for a guarantee spawn. If you have the quest available.

ive been on mayhem mode since the start, but no luck in the spawns. even right now, activated mayhem mode 3 and nothing. just the basic skags and nothing else.

Man that’s really weird. If you’re on Xbox hit up @stray1 or I think I have the quest for Xbox also, my GT is eithos. I’ll be on in about 30-45 minutes doing haunt runs with my girlfriend.

im not on xbox, ps4.

I don’t think mayhem level helps. Maybe put a post in ps4 section here for someone with bounty to add you so it pops?

It wasn’t spawning for me either. Not once. (Also ps4) I saw somewhere something about enemy spawn count being too high for more enemies to spawn if you’re running through an area. So, I cleared out the camp that’s right next to the skag den first before clearing out the den. Quit. Repeat. 3rd time it spawned.

This also may factor into it: (contains side mission spoilers) I’m unsure if this one is anything like Borman Nates. In order to get Borman Nates to spawn, you need to complete Maliwannabees side mission. The Demoskaggon spawns right next to the area you have to complete the Dump on Dumptruck side quest. I’d already completed the Dump on Dumptruck one, so I’m not sure.

Tried to clear out the camp first and finally the damned thing spawns. Only dropped one legendary though. So that was nice. Now to kill Captain Haunt like 14 more times

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Well, you need to clear out the first wave of skags (it’s mostly just skag pups) to actually see if they spawn. You haven’t just been running in, looked if they were there and savequit, have you?

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