Demoskaggons not haunted

Hi. Playing Bloody Harvest and after many attempts the Demoskaggons spawned but were not haunted. Just regular Demoskaggons. Is this normal? If they spawn, should they always be haunted or is the haunted aspect just random?

All the rare spawns required for Bloody Harvest were haunted on the first try on my end. I haven’t run them multiple times to test if it’s guarenteed, though.

Ok. thanks for the reply. Another thing I noticed after 10 - 15 attempts was none of the skaggs were ever haunted or any of the skaggs around the fast travel point but the tall building by the Demoskaggon spawn area did have haunted. It just seems to be affecting the skaggs and Demoskaggons.

All rare spawns in challenges were haunted in my game. Regarding the second post, I don’t remember the skaggs but rakks around Rakkman were haunted at a high rate even when Rakkman was absent. Those skaggs might be treated as minions.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep on keeping on.