Denial, Anger, Initiative, Quest bug

Typically when starting UVHM, i roll through Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep until i can get my hands on the Grog Nozzle, since having slag weapons is so important

Problem this time, is during the quest “Denial, Anger, Initiative” one of the dragons i had to kill is not on the map at all.

Im more than willing to reset my UVHM since I haven’t done much on UVHM mode yet but a fix would be appreciated

Did you try to save/quit? That may fix it.

Tried that about half a dozen times. Dragon still isn’t there. It was the green one

Also tried exiting back to Flamerock refuge. And changing quests. Didn’t work either

One possible solution would be to find someone online who hasn’t started this mission yet and play with them until it has been Turned In.