Denial Subroutine Help

Can anybody help me with advice. I’m trying to fight Denial Subroutine on UVHM and he is just kicking my butt. The best I’ve done is get his shield down before I die. I’m level 60 and he is 62… Yes I know I can go level and come back, but I like to take the bosses on as I get to them. Not run and come back later lol. Any help is appreciated

If you are on PC/steam, I can help lvl 70 wilhelm, diogenes49

At which point you will be level 61, and Denial 63. No, now is the time.

When you’re in FFYL, shoot any nearby Volatile Bits immediately, then look for a Glitch (ideally not a UBA Glitch) or flyer to second wind if the VB didn’t do the job for you.

Maintain your distance when your own shield falls. If you’re playing NIsha, that’s a good time to go into Showdown to have Bottled Courage prop you up a bit.

Keep moving.

I found that a Hail works well (Iwajira drops one fairly often). He is an easy target, and his eyes are weakspots which are also easy to hit, you’ll get massive heals from the hail when this happens. A shock-flavored one is best, I recommend getting an incendiary one too.

Oh, and yeah, use the volatile bits, and leave the glitches for 2nd winds. Keep moving.

Thanks for all the help guys. I can’t wait to try it. Leww I’m on Xbox One, but thank you. I think i need to run further around the map to make the Bits and Glitches come out.

… Still working on him. I got close a few times. The biggest problem now seems to be that there are no Glitches or Bits that spawn anymore so nothing to kill for second wind

The bits will regenerate over time, but if you use them all up then you won’t have them to use for a little while. The red healing bits aren’t the ones that you want in FFYL-- you want the green ones, which will send out corrosive homing bolts quite capable of KOing a Swarmer on their own (at which point you will recover from FFYL).

The glitches appear in waves. If you enter FFYL with none surviving from the last wave and you see no Swarmer around, try to destroy a tentacle. Rocket launcher splash will help, as will a Hyperion SMG.

Of course it’s better to stay out of FFYL. Throw a transfusion grenade preemptively. Dying mobs will drop replacement grenade ammo, so don’t be shy in using them.

Denial has a lot of health. Any time that you activate a damage-amplifying kill skill such as Tombstone, try to redirect your fire immediately to Denial’s body.

Remember that you’re fighting in a vacuum. A Duality Ozkit in Explosive or Fire could be helpful here. Shock less so, though it’ll also help against UBA Glitches.

Isn’t that the 1st boss in the DLC? I walked up on him with my Claptrap and Ravaged him. Was pretty easy.

If you have a leveled Vibra-Pulse, that can be a lifesaver in this battle (especially if you can’t get your hands on a shock Hail). It’ll tear through his shields pretty quickly, and then a percentage of whatever damage you do will heal you. Denial Subroutine also isn’t the quickest with lateral mobility. You can, to an extent, kite him around that pool near that back as long as you have the O2 to boost.

I FINALLY beat him. Thanks for the help his

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Just saw your post and glad you finally beat him! Eclipse/EOS and Sh4dow-TP are going to be much harder than Denial Subroutine was though, so if your playing as Nisha, you might consider using my build as it works wonders on everything.

this is the build against Denial Subroutine

this is the build against Eclipse/EOS

this is the build thread if your interested at all.
Jakobs Nisha Build

No you didn’t!!!

…sorry couldn’t resist!

I’m playing as the Baroness this time around. I faced i think Sh4dow-TP with my Doppelganger at 62. Wasn’t even close lol. I haven’t seen EOS I don’t think. Didn’t get past Sh4dow with my lower Doppelganger. Thank you though. Is there a build forum for the baroness?

There is a lot of builds for everyone for sure on these forums yes. The baroness builds are in here

And if you have any want/need to play your jack still and continue trying to beat the clappy dlc, this I feel is the best build for him, [Build] Jack - Level 70 with Eclipse/Eos Video

here is a video of that build in action against Eclipse/EOS

Thank you, I’ll check those out