Denial Subroutine.. Tips?

Just wasted over $4,000,000 trying to beat this %$@@£$£.

Anyone got any tips?

I’ve kept moving but seem to get hit go into FFYL and can’t “kill” any of the tentacles. UVHM lvl 57

I think I am going to need to bailout and upgrade weapons then try again but what do you suggest to use against it.

On anything with tentacles, you have to hit the glowy translucent spheres about half-way up, as these are the critical hit locations. SMGs work really well for this, as long as they don’t have a really bad accuracy penalty. You want high fire rate and bullet count. You could try a shotgun as an alternative, but you’d want rapid fire rate and short reload time for FFYL use.

Yeah, that fight is no fun with Aurelia. I think a corrosive Thorny Ol’ Rosie ended up doing the trick for me, but beyond using the standard gun that you use when nothing works, not sure I have any suggestions beyond that. There is a hiding spot all the way across the battlefield that can come in handy though. There’s a concrete area with a railing (IIRC), jump slightly off map and below and to the right of that area is a few blue Minecraft blocks you can stand on. If Denial comes out of the ground near there, you can snipe without taking damage.

I had no problems with my cryo build. Here’s a video how I killed it. Instead of the the Pepperbox you can also use a Maggie or something like that and if you don’t like beam lasers a Fatale should work as well. (Then you also don’t need the Prismatic Bullwark and you can use a Tediore shield for more Bitter Riposte procs). If you have problems staying alive I would recommend using the Vibra Pulse as long as his shield is up, when it’s down the healing from Frigid Touch should be enough.

Seems like the Pepperbox is finally a legit weapon. :thumbsup:

claptrap with a ravager and that fight was still ridiculous.

That fight was ridiculous with Jack and Athena and hell with Aurelia, but I still love her :kissing_closed_eyes:

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It took me a few attempts to bring down the Denial Subroutine on UVHM (I was around Level 65-66 and it was at Level 67.) I used a shock Splitter to strip its shields and an Anarchist pistol to deal with its health, though a shotgun also came in handy at times.

The only strategy that really works is to keep moving and jumping over terrain. I found that DS doesn’t so much damage itself, rather the tentacles are the real danger. Also, use the Volatile Bits to regenerate health - they’re more reliable than Transfusion grenades.

FFs sake! This fight! I manage to take out over half of his health, but the problem is once I go down there’s no chance… The tentacles have way too much health! Even with a Fatale and all the crit bonus Aurelia has there’s no chance…

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Don’t think I’ve tried with Aurelia. Usually I try to do that with a reasonably close to level VibraPulse and Quasar grenades. @Kurtdawg13’s thread indicates another way, but that requires you to concentrate some pretty massive DPS onto the beast, so pulling it off would very much depend on build and gear. What do you have?

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The best way for Aurelia is with the “I Never Miss” skill. Try watching this video to accumulate stacks… it’s in Italian, but you understand well: And then this one to kill Denial Subroutine with only one burst:

I main Aurelia in TPS and even though this is one of the tougher fights for Aurelia I’ve always managed it. Can you post your spec and gear and I’m sure well get you through that.

For spec you can use this
Just post the url once you’ve filled in what you have.

After that your main weapon and shield are the most important.

I did it actually, just had to stay in the air and run all the time so his insta-kill tentacles couldn’t reach me… I had a glitch shock Maliwan smg which really helped with his shield and slowly did away his health. Surprisingly I managed to kill EOS/Eclipse without dying. The MORQ shield actually helped a lot, also vs Shadow-Tp, since both do a lot of elemental dmg.
Now it’s the Bosun that is the issue though! I would think after all those bosses he would be easy, but his attacks are ridicculous!.. Not only do they instakill me almost imediately, but his laser shots seem to go through walls and his attacks are generally quick, accurate and hard to dodge… Even when using a shock Hail I can barely pop my head out because he just insta-kills me…

That can be a tough one all right. I’ve taken to using the jump pads to get upstairs, and take out the shield generators from there. The “console” thing in the centre seems to be a good block for the Bosun’s shots - you just have to deal with the scav waves as they come. Once his shield is down, it’s actually possible to kite him down using that same central structure, since he can’t fly over it.