Denuvo decreasing performance

Are there any plans on removing Denuvo from Borderlands 3 after some time? It absolutely destroys performance.


The game has bad performance anyways.
Why would you ship it with denuvo then?


Game is already cracked please remove Denuvo so that your actual customers can also enjoy the game properly.


^ This.

I paid for the special edition and I feel like this Denuvo just hurts customers.


Fck denuvo is trash, game is cracked now


The game hasn’t been cracked already, if you actually checked actual sources for that kind of stuff.

The performance issues are actually being caused by optimization issues that could be patched afterwards. Not by Denuvo itself.

Also, I assume it’s being used to protect first-week sales. Give Gearbox some time, and they will probably remove it, since that grace period will be over.

Perhaps instead of pirating it, encourage Gearbox to add it to Xbox Game Pass (on Xbox and PC) or release a demo instead, if you are that desperate to play.


Talking about protecting first week sales - I’m not touching this stuff till it’s patched, up and running. So, if Denuvo is messing with [another] game it actually hurts first week sales :wink:


Well it’s May 2020 and the game is now on steam but it still has F***ing denuvo please gearbox remove denuvo so paying customers can play the game cause pirates can play the just fine but paying customers can’t what is wrong with gearbox right now


I bought the game recently but I played it in a friends laptop a few months back. We have literally the same latop but somehow the game runs worst in both now than back in december.

I’m inclinied to think denuvo has a significant impact on performance because any drm has some impact on performance ( E.g. It was a big deal when witcher 2 removed its DRM from GOG).

Denuvo is probably the most performance worsening DRM (Doom 2016 perfromed better after they patched out denuvo)

While I agree it is hard to crack, it’s mostly to prevent some games (emphasis on some) games being cracked day one. Almost all games with denuvo including bordelands 3 have been cracked already so there is no point in retaining it anymore.

Besides, with the many loot challenges and events like revege of the cartels, it is more attractive to get these time limited content legally.

Patching out denuvo will impove performance (which is about the only thing cracked BL3 is slightly better at than the current legal version)


Almost a year from OP’s submission.
The argument here is simple: I spent money on a game, I deserve to be able to play it offline.

Please remove Denuvo Anti-Tamper as it now serves no purpose other than to prevent paying customers from playing how they want.

Oh wait, I forgot. We aren’t supposed to play how we want. Gearbox tells us how we need to enjoy our game, right?

Well I just want to play the game, performance is ok. I usually play the game on linux but it has an anoying memory bug that makes it crash after like 2 hours, so I tried running it on windows instead and it triggered the dunuvo crap and I cant play for 24 hours sigh, and I just bought the dlc:s and really want to try them this is so stupid, please remove denuvo. Somtimes the game crashing can even trigger denuvo so I cant play it for a long while.

I simply can not believe we still have to suffer with this severe performance decrease. I paid for everything related to Borderlands 3, and my pc meeting the requirements makes it so much worse, when it still runs poorly despite settings being at their lowest. I really hope they remove Denuvo so I can play the DLC and events that I very much so payed for, since playing with a constant stuttering is just unbareable.

If this is how Gearbox treats their paying customers, then they do not deserve the money they would lose from people pirating it!