Denuvo? Really? What's next to bury the game?

I’m just… I don’t have words for this. We’ve eaten EGS exclusiveness. We’ve eaten no-preload bullsh*t. But this? GEARBOX, this is way beyound acceptable. You’re placing DRM system, that proven to be reason for up to 60% performance degradation into the fast-paced CO-OP ORIENTED (i.e. requires licenced servers anyway) shooter. What’s wrong with you, guys? Did battleborn damaged you so much?


I’ve got lots of games with Denuvo and have never had troubles with any of them. TBH, I don’t know what the fuss it about.


That’s because you never compared Denuvo and non-denuvo version performance. Also, you’re probably having top-notch PC. I got mine, too. But i didn’t upgrade my hardware just to have 30-40% of CPU time busy with sending info about my game into net.
With my Tekken 7, for example, Denuvo caused serious troubles with launching the game after some update.


Well, that’s a good point. I hardly ever have two versions of the same game. And, yes, I use my pc for video editing, and 2d and 3d animation, so it can handle a little extra drain from drm like denuvo.

You maybe already faced it, but did not recognize, concidering it as game stuttering/malfunction. Denuvo is integrated ibto exe of game, as far as I know. Just look into some youtube videos with comparisons.

is this confirmed?

A quick google suggests the notice was in material descriptions on the Epic store. Maybe check there for more info?

Also saw this in the search results, which is rather ironic:


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Fair enough. Mmmh, let’s see how it goes.

The rage 2 thingy… XD

Weird - I can’t get the EGS BL3 page to come up at all, with or without script/adblock. Do you have to create an account and sign in before you can see game details, or has the page actually been removed?

Game description says:
Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Anti-Tamper


If you use a performance monitor program in a game running Denuvo, the dips and stutters in performance are far more obvious. It’s easily the most unpopular DRM on the market, bar none.


I’ll be honest, if they have any sense at all, Denuvo will (hopefully) be removed ASAP post-launch.

Well, I play on console so this doesn´t really concer me.

so, CONSOLE RACE FOR THE WIN I quess :wink:


The Denuvo thing to me is a wait and see. From what I’ve heard about it, yes it has a bad rep but a fair amount of what I’ve read is that its a sort of hit or miss as some people report performance issues and others are unaffected.

Well, I’ll be honest: I’m an OLD gamer, and I really can’t see high fps anymore. 30fps and 60fps … I’m sorry, I don’t see much of a difference. I’m too old. Guys, I’ve been playing video games since Pong! was new.


Truthfully, I think the only difference between 60fps and over-60fps is the relative smoothness of what you see, if it’s even noticeable at all.

I pre-order the collectors edition from Game Stop, and now I am concerned due to Denuvo being used which causes performance impact when a PC is under load in almost every Denuvo based game i’ve played…

People keep telling me to give Denuvo games a Try, so if I go ahead and get my game and I do not hit 165 FPS /MAX FPS game supports due to Denuvo, can I get a refund, or should I cancel pre-order now ?

The game looks lovely, but I am not interested in software like Monster Hunter that has huge performance decrease due to DRM being used especially when a game is under load.

I hate theft, and support developers, but at the same time companies and developers should not abuse consumers with malicious code that causes performance issues.

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I actually didn’t know whether I’d played games with Denuvo or not. I found a list of games that included Denuvo and I had, indeed, played a few of them. I had no problems with those games.

However, I like evidence :slightly_smiling_face: I had a search for anything that qualified as reasonable evidence for Denuvo’s impact on performance. Most were not first hand reports but rather quoting statements from other sources (Reddit or whatever). Certainly, none pointed to rigourous testing with associated statistics. The best I could find is in this video. The makers draw no conclusion from their tests, so have a look and see what you think. I would have liked to have seen these tests carried out on a variety of low to high end spec machines but I think they are fair given their resources.

From my past experience, these tests and having a fairly high end PC, I have no worries at all about BL3 including Denuvo. But that’s a personal view.


I usually don’t have issues either when running a single “Denuvo Game” Though the performance impact is obviously still there if benchmarked it’s more to be noticed on systems that are under load.

For example a person running “Black Desert” or 30 tabs of Google chrome, because they got a pc with 32GB of Ram, or 128GB OF ram for that matter and a Threadripper or I9 CPU, while a user could run 5-10 games on a pc at once wiithout an issue, when a Denuvo title is launched that is when the performance is impacted for all running processes / tasks compared to if Denuvo wasn’t there.

This is how much Denuvo upsets me as a paying customer, I just want zero performance impact or no more than 1% extra usage, but no performance impacts across other tasks like Denuvo always causes even with BattleField 1 its horrid and sucks that I can play Battlefield 4 which has no Denuvo and I get zero performance impact while running 2 other games I still get over 120 FPS but Battlefield 1 with Denuvo is horrid );.

i’ll get a demand, even small claims should Denuvo cause any issues or performance impact because I don’t want this ■■■■■■■■ on my system, I am paying or was lead to believe when I pre-ordered at gamestop I was paying for (THE GAME ONLY) not DRM that would slow down my computers performance, I’m sure the attorney general, and a small claims will help me resolve the issue luckily i’ve only had to do that once for a $1600 item when warranty and services were not honored / as described.

Good luck with that. I have serious doubts about getting anything from anyone just because you chose to purchase a game knowing what is being used as protective measures. (You can still cancel your pre-order at this point). Then complain about the effect said measures when doing things to put load or strain on your system.