Deploy Auto-Bear

I think this is probably a past discussion somewhere, but I would love to have a “deply auto-bear” button so that I can take advantage of auto-bear perks without having to get in/get out each time. It would be so nice if the Moze class worked more like Gaige with the option to deploy and forget about it.


Come on gearbox we need this option. I stopped playing moze for now because she just feels janky and it breaks up the flow of combat. For a character with pretty much unlimited firing abilities it sucks having to steadily hop In and out and wasting precious seconds.

I wish it at least deployed and exited quickly like Iron Man’s suit in the movies, the one that pieces together around him.

At the very least can we get an option to just press exit instead of holding it? It’s on like a 3 second timer for no reason.


Even the animations are too long when you are in fast combat. I just want to be able to deploy it without getting in.

It’s honestly the thing I dislike most about that class.


If we could press exit ase gear could actually be useful lol


Right? Why can’t we press action skill a second time to just jump out… I’m not going to accidentally press the button so often that it makes me drop out early when I don’t want to all the time. And as soon as I press exit I should be able to start shooting and running.

Animation should be 1/5th as long as it is now too.


Agree with the exiting much faster. Since we don’t get the immune frames on exit anymore definitely shouldn’t be tied to a long animation that can kill you without counter-play.

It should be near instant to hop out and gain control of the character, and any time stuck in animation should be an immunity frame.

Should leave the entering Iron Bear animation as-is imo.

@Noelle_GBX please make sure this gets seen? Seems to be a very popular consensus among experienced Moze players.


I’d still say this should be sped up a little, it’s uncomfortably slow but the exit is the biggest issue. Everything else I agree with completely.

Anyone else ever have their screen go black for sometimes more than a few seconds when entering? Since they fixed the bug where you get kicked out right away I’ve had this happen a couple times. Single player so it didn’t matter though. If it came down to this or the possible bug, I’d take a black screen any day though.


An instant exit animation with an option to deploy and stay out? Perfect solution?

I would love to see a similar option with Zane’s “dome” barrier also where you can deploy it “picked up” as well. I know that’s a separate, but similar topic… but picking that thing up every single time you drop it while you are trying to enjoy some high-paced shooting stuff is so tedious.

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I know if u jump and enter mech it takes off like 3 seconds off the animation lol


I always jump, even before I knew that haha. Prevented the old bug more so it’s habit now anyway

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I didn’t know that… good to know.

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I play Moze exclusively…

To me…this is the biggest issue with her…

The total time to deploy and exit just destroys the whole flow of the fight…

A poster above calls it “janky”…it’s every bit that and more.

@Noelle_GBX Please let the developers know that this comment about Moze is almost 100% said by ANY Moze player.

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Hold action skill to deploy auto bear & proc anoints would be sooo much better than the current mechanic.

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