Deployable shield discussion

•Shield is way to squishy and small to even protect yourself let alone your teammates (lvl 1-7 510, lvl 8 1020)
•Forced to take shield hp helix vs making shield bigger at lvl 8

Toby at his current state cant tank in pvp due to the state of his shield. A couple autos from the enemy and the shield is dead or often the autos just bypass the shield completely. Even if placed properly where the enemy cant get an angle on you they can use a skill and it goes through shield. For instance orendi shadowpillar, thorn blight or oscar mike grenade.

BOOM! I agree. Buff shield wall and he’s good to go! Even though Toby is not a tank. He’s a point-holding sniper.

I also think his shield isn’t tall enough. Most other ranged characters can still shoot him even when he’s standing behind it.

His Shield gets taken out way too fast and without he is dead meat. Once you pop the shield it goes down and your health is gone like that since they made him a glass cannon and easy to shoot. Buff the shields HP and make it a bit slighty taller. Make the buffs (Speed or Regen/Attack) AOE shield range bigger.

Well… he’s not a tank. if you want defensive shields all day, play Reyna.
Toby’s shield is to enhance his attack while providing mild cover, and turn him into a lethal ranged sniper. Even better than Marquis.

Don’t deploy your shield with the intention of using it for cover. Deploy it with the intention of using it offensively to enhance your attacks. Deploy it in a way that gives you the best potential and range to cover control of the map.

Toby is extremely strong right now - his damage is huge, and he’s supposed to be sniping people whilst creating area-control. And boy, does he do that well.

He’s not meant to be a tank, sure, but the shield IS meant to defend him because he’s otherwise very squishy in a brawl.

What use is using a damage boosting shield if any enemy can take it out in a few short seconds (if they can’t bypass it completely)? If you can see and shoot them, it means they can see and shoot you right back, and there goes your damage boost. As soon as that shield drops, your damage not only falls off but becomes much more easy to avoid because of how slow your normal shots move.

As a side note, I either think it needs to become taller, or the augment to increase its width also needs to increase its height too.

As essential as the drop shield is, I believe the +100% health absorption helix should be closer to the top on the helix, maybe 3 or 4. Either that or just an overall increase to absorption. Option A makes it a little less OP and more competive than an over all buff.

I agree. Even though i main Toby, and therefore don’t want to see him nerfed, i feel like his helix that causes health restore/attack speed should be swapped with his range one, as it is a tad overpowered (and not even a remotely fair choice against the 30% movement speed one) when combined with shield strength and strong health regen gear; i know i piss off a lot of people by using it to get to full health after i waste them. This keeps shield range+health regen/attack speed, as well as allows for shield range+strength, if desired. Health regen/attack speed+strength shouldn’t be allowed, in my opinion. Your thoughts?

I’ve actually always thought Toby was borderline OP thanks to his shield. Its cooldown begins charging as soon as you use it, rather than when it’s destroyed. I played the hell out of him during the beta, and nine times out of ten I could set up on one end of a lane and pick off minions and enemies with zero effort.

If Toby get’s focused, he’s in trouble but his jetpack means he can escape easily. Otherwise, his railgun + shield is usually enough to scare off any individual enemy who tries to dislodge him. Marquis was the only character I was scared of, because of his small hitbox and how quickly he could take down my shield at a distance.

Agreed, Marquis is a penguin hater. I also have some slight trouble with Montana at mid-to-close range, but everyone else is fair game. However, i wouldn’t say the shield itself is overpowered, just it’s 14 health-per-second regen, when paired with another high-yield health regen gear, and room for mistakes.