Deploying Ernest's Mine Grid is Awkward!

Deploying Ernest’s Mine Grid is very awkward! (on PS4)

I typically use my right thumb to hit the triangle button to deploy all Battleborn Ultimates. This is normal. But once I’ve done so with Ernest’s Mine Grid, I then have to use my other thumb, to direct where I want it to go, thus removing it from the left thumbstick, and thus removing my ability to move. This is not normal.
Alternatively, I could use a finger to activate the ultimate, but this is unintuitive, and also not ideal.

Why is it so awkward? I don’t understand why it doesn’t work like Thorn’s Ultimate, or Kelvin’s perhaps?

It wouldn’t be so bad if the reticule didn’t reset to your feet when it switches to 3rd person to deploy it, instead of staying in the general vicinity of where you had already been aiming it . . .

The aiming isn’t ideal on the PC either. Hopefully we can get a better first-person aiming system soon…

This is why I love the steam controller, customize it for anything

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Yeah, the awkward viewpoint shift that happens takes some getting used to.

Idk how I dot it, but it feels natural to me now. I’m okay with it. At first it was noticeably jarring though.

I didn’t have a problem with it but I don’t remember if I automatically adjusted to using a finger to press my ultimate or using my thumb still. I don’t see a problem with it so far so idk

Well, it’s not a skill that you use in the heat of battle like Thorn or Kelvin’s ultimates. Ernest’s Ultimate is something you throw out in anticipation for a push.