Deputy Claptrap

i would like to make a build for claptrap centered around the flayer and i need help as i’m quite new to claptrap

That’s about the best I can think of.
Most skills there are for the reload speed increase, which is critical on Jakobs.
Shield subroutine should do well enough in keeping you alive. A Reogenator would beneficial during either subroutine.

The COM gives increased accuracy, crit damage, gun damage, and reload speed after a kill.

Note that I rarely play Claptrap anymore so you this may not be optimal. Tweak some things and you should be good to go.

First: there is already a build called Deputy Claptrap :stuck_out_tongue:

Second: let’s start from the beginning: why the Flayer ?
Is it because you like it ?
You think it’s the best choice for Claptrap ?
You want a challenge ?

I did a quick scan of the threads in the Claptrap sub-, and a Google search of ‘Deputy Claptrap’ and couldn’t find anything linking to a specific build. My search-fu may be weak. I would love a link, if you know where it is, @chuck80

This topic is interesting to me. I loooooove the Flayer. It’s an outstanding balance of ammunition efficiency and raw damage.

Searched it too, couldn’t find it either, maybe it was erased. @Exotek What happened to your build ?

1: It’s Called DPTY-TP or something to the like.

2: Factory Second or Bust IMO it’s the Best Jakobs COM he Has
3. The Flayer is Decent, but a Glitched Quad/Purple Coach Gun combo is WAY better. (Here are some examples)

You see with these guns (Farming/Part Details can be Found in my Top Gear for Claptrap) you will proc OLT every 2nd shot. This is a big deal because OLT, even when unboosted (You can use a sapper COM to boost it further but it’s not the best IMO cuz the explosive damage is mostly wasted) is still a HUGE boost in Damage. The flayer is a 5 shot shotgun, which means there is 4 shots inbetween each OLT, yes the non OLT shots are stronger on average than the non OLT shots from the Quad and Coach but you’re basically wasting ammo on weaker shots overall.

Again the Flayer isnt bad, There are just more damage efficient options.

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It’s not in the master build list either. :dukesad:

That is a very well executed and useful summary. Thank you!

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Ive had a lot more videos, but ive got them removed. Ive used Sapper because OLT. Cant remember atm what other coms boost it, if any. Was trying to make it closest as possible to original Deputy. I probably should rewritte it, but the latest level cap killed it for me :unamused:

Ive never got it posted on the new forums. Ive posted it on the old forums a couple of days before transfer. Then new level cap got released and killed it for me, never posted the build on the new forums.

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to answer your question chuck the reason the flayer is because i like the flayer and and i want a challenge

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thanks for the help i’ll try out your advice

Torgue Shotties arent best for OLT?

Does the fire rate slow them down, as compared to a Quad?

Any weapon with at least 8 rounds will work, but Clappy has explosive buffs, which have great synergy with Torgue shotties.

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Got it. I still have to play as Clappy in TPS.
To be honest, I still have to play past TVHM :frowning:

Clappy’s a lot of fun if you like explosions - he’s a lot like Krieg in that some of his skills are very risk-reward type deals.