Deputy Sal Help (OP2)

Hey guys,

I’ve got a Salvador on OP2 with my roommate playing Zer0 and we’re struggling to get through the Peak reliably. I’m trying to set up a Deputy Sal build, or even a Pimpernel/Launcher build, but have been grinding for the Rustler’s Orphan Maker for so long without any luck. Does anyone have an extra ROM they can toss my way? Or maybe a Pimpernel? I would also like to have a legit Grog Nozzle but also know that was only temporary and may not be as easily tossed off to me haha. I’ve got a couple OP1 Pearls that don’t synergize like the ROM or Pimpernel of people are looking for something in return. I am free to play most days as I work from home. Let me know if anyone can help, if not I guess I’ll just keep grinding

Would a Captain Blade’s prefix with a 3 magazine work or is the extra pellets in Rustler’s what makes this strong?

It’s the rustlers prefix. It adds 2 pellets to the guns 2 so it doubles the damage.

Hey, I can drop a lvl 72 Slag Pimp, ROM & Grog if you want them.

PSN dogstar13

Yes please! I’m Squidlie on PSN too I’ll add you