Deputy Sal: Is there a case for Twister/Shock Bone?

Basically, what the title says. Using a basic Deputy set-up, with Rustlers Twister in off-hand and Chain Lightning/Storm Front for grenade, is there a place for the Shock BotA over Deputy’s Badge?

The cooldown from the Bone definitely helps when using a +6 $S Tina mod but its hard to beat the Deputy Badge.

Just wondering if anyone has done any testing with this?


I don’t think this has been tested properly, so… Go test! Explore! Let us know what you find!

What I think you will find is this:
The added damage from a BotA and/or a Twister is even more overkill than it already is. That is if you actually manage to hit enemies that aren’t standing completely still and/or aren’t right up in your face. I also think that you will find that the longer reload you now have, is starting to complicate things.

That’s what I think you will find. What I know you will find is that the Twister consumes more ammo. 4 per shot, iirc. That’s definetly something to consider.

Cooldown bonuses are always nice, but I fail to see how a BotA will be a better choice than a Deputy’s Badge. Don’t you have “Get Some”?


The main deciding factor is whether or not you have a Twister with a Jakobs grip. This gives it an acceptable reload speed on its own, that much better if you have 5/5 in Reflexes.

My Twister has a Torgue grip - so I wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice the reload speed the Dep offers.

A Bone will certainly crank up damage quite a lot. Definitely give it a go if you’re ok with the reload speed. I might just try this tonight.

As far as cooldown is concerned, that actually will come in handy from time to time if using a Monk. Get Some will usually reset your timer but not always.

Edit : what level are you playing? This would be worth it at OP8 but I think this would get ridiculously overpowered if at 72. Especially if you’re running NKLO.


Im playing at Op8. I found that it works out pretty decent honestly.

My Twister is a Jakobs grip. It does help with the cooldown a great deal when using my Tina coms.

More testing gonna be done tomorrow but for now its working basically like one would expect. Reload speed is a tad lower but ammo consumption isnt that bad.

It does help a great deal with the “downtime” phase of the Deputy build which is the builds only weakness.

I do miss the pinpoint accuracy of the ROM though.

P.s. Im using a Brawn build down to Trex.


…total Sal noob here so don’t listen to me, but for any weapons with reload issues, I work around Auto-Loader. I mean, kills = insta reload, so you’re only dealing with swap time (plus “free” Locked and Loaded plus All I Need is One), no? If I was going to play with a specific weapon pair, I’d get two so I could rotate them out specifically for this function (not easy for a second Twister, but you get my point).

I mean, don’t expect to never reload again (unless you’re using some seriously overpowered weapons and build and can reliably kill something within the scope of one magazine size for a given weapon set).


Interesting idea. Auto Loader is not a skill I’ve ever used but I can see it working. Sort of. Of course Locked and Loaded is irrelevant with Jakobs.

Actually @Kurtdawg13 recorded a run recently with a Twister, ROM and Rubi. I doubt he spec’d Auto Loader. Whatcha think Kurt?

Edit : I tried this out : Chaotic Good (reload) Monk, Twister/Rubi + ROM/Grog, shock BoA. I did spec Auto Loader and All I Need is One - it’s pretty hard to make those skills work, but it’s manageable.

If nothing else it reinforced my opinion that while the Twister is a great gun, it has no business being called a Jakobs.


Alright Jefe! I know what you’re doing here :point_up_2:t2::roll_eyes:

I will not be baited into that…maybe… :unamused: Edit: Damn you Jefe! Twister is one of the BEST Jakobs weapons in the game!

I don’t use that skill for the Dep Build. I take more of a ‘controlled’ approach to managing my magazine(s). I find that single skill point is better placed elsewhere. Fist Full of Hurt is a skill I would choose over Auto-loader. If you’re rocking Bandit weaponry, I can see the allure of that skill being useful with long reloads to deal with and large magazines. But again, that isn’t the style of play I like when using Sal(BadAssMuthaFucka). :wink:


This looks weird interesting! :thinking: Jakobs might be interested in some sort of franchise on the Twister. Outsourcing is always an easy way out. Saves you from all the complaints on how hard it is to spawn triple O, and then to get him to drop the damn thing. Yeah, I can certainly see how that would make things easier for the Jakobs family.

But who has the potential to take on this franchise? Marcus? Nah, he’s swamped already! Same goes for Scooter. Maybe… Roland? So what if he’s dead? Imagine bandits filing complaints to Roland: “Hey! Are you even listening?” Yep! That would be a sight to see!


If you’re using a twister as your off hand gun, the BOA is my recommendation. I have it listed in the build thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Aiming with the twister is hard to begin with, so you’re better off lining up your shot carefully instead of speed reloading. And since you can’t really shoot from anywhere but point blank range with it, you better make that shot count.

And the 40% or so damage bonus will be multiplicative to money shot, so that’s a pretty sizeable boost.

…And the extra cooldown won’t hurt either.

With the Twister, the Jakob grip is probably the best but the Tediore one is also great since the minimum mag size is 4 anyway … Which will be pushed to 5 with 5/5 Fttb. Basically any combination of parts will work except for any accessory that increases mag size coupled with a grip that does the same, which could push it to 3 shots.

As for auto-loader, I always spec in it regardless, but I can’t pull off the swap dance to benefit from it and AINI1.

I mostly use it to reload my FFYL launcher.


I don’t think it needs the damage boost from a BoA. I would prefer the reload speed buff. And you’ll feel the difference if you’re used to reloading with the ROM(1.8) to the Twister(2.3). I feel that difference and always use the Deputy Badge. :cowboy_hat_face:

Edit: A good compromise would be to get the Texas prefix on the Twister. problem solved. :sweat_smile:


The badge is still a great choice for sure

The extra damage of the BoA is probably roughly equal to the reload speed boost of the badge when DPS is concerned (citation needed) … But you get cooldown and a boost to your Stormfront damage as well.

I’ve preferred the BoA personally when using a Twister, but it really depends on how you play :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more with this. :blush:
and I’ve played both ways on console. <-- reading that outloud makes me laugh. :rofl:


Honestly I found the reload speed pretty annoying. This was in the Fridge where rats are jumping around a lot and it was easy to miss - so I would end up swapping to the ROM. I think I’d rather have reload speed despite (at OP8) the Twister really could do with the extra damage. Yes, I actually just said that :joy:


Gearbox feels differently, with the nerfing and all. :wink:

of course, leave it to Jefe to “stir the pot” :laughing:

edit: If anything should be nerfed, it’s the ROM.


Crap yes. In fact, when I started out I was using the ROM to get a baseline. When I switched to the Twister I was surprised how inferior it was - and that was with the shock Bone equipped the whole time. Imagine that.


I know. Believe me…I know. lol As fun as the Twister is using, its nothing compared to the ROM.

But, for as long as I’ve been running @DeputyChuck Deputy Build(so masterfully done btw) I get bored of using the same weapon for years now. Granted, the ROM is my holy grail. I love it to no end. But, this game offers so much more than just that. and I like a bit of diversity. so going with the Twister has been a huge amount of fun for me.

What I’ve been doing is trying to capture the Twister shocking the ■■■■ out of an enemy as a picture. that visual display is so satisfying to me. I keep trying to get a good image. That has been some fun as of late for me. Sorry to get off topic a bit.

Twister = Jakobs/maliwan hybrid


Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere!


This is what I was imagining : Jakobs designed a gun and sublet the manufacturing to the hippies at Maliwan, who put their own spin on it (pun intended).


I’ve had a lot of fun with the Striker as well :slight_smile:

And Scatterguns (single tediore barrel) are a nice change of pace.

The Hydra has its moments as well

But the true test is mastering the tidal wave :sunglasses:


Why yes. I agree completely.