Deputy Sal: Is there a case for Twister/Shock Bone?

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Using a subpar weapon would only test ones sanity.

And again with the ‘stirring the pot’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


desperately strains against desire to derail thread again

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went to visit uncle Teddy…
i’ll say that its viable at op8. used in my offhand and it performed well enough. I’ll have to retract my subpar statement…and kinda fun trying to land more than two pellets. lol

I took it to the mines of Avrice and didn’t take a knee. so its viable. you can make it work. I was using it at pointblank range for the success I had using it. when I tried grouping up enemy’s and pouring waves of pellets at them from medium distance, it was more meh. but up and close it performed well.

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These conversations are interesting.
Anyway, What about Beast class? +35% reload speed with (+5)Incite, bigger HP with (+6)Sexual T-rax that makes sal more solid than L Titan.

And you can do Auto-Reload with swapping guns. Because velocity of Twister is slow.

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Like this. And I think Altered Beast is the best Brawn class mode. Can be used with Rough rider shield. And in a battlefield where DOT is weak, it’s much better than L Titan.
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I like the beast, but for most brawn-centric builds, I think the Legendary Berserker has it beat.

For deputy builds however, the 2 fire rate boosts become irrelevant, the mag size boost is not necessary, and the extra reload speed of the beast is very good on a build that spends half the time doing that… so this is a much closer comparison.

The Titan is crippled by not being able to use the RR and the fact that I’m the juggernaut is terrible.

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I think Beast beats berserk in Brawn-Deputy build. Am I wrong? Better reload speed and HP recovry. I don’t see what I missed.

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Very possible.

I’d have to test both side by side to tell, and the only result I could get would be very personal (this one works better FOR ME)

I’m not disagreeing with you at all, but I don’t think I’m willing to make a blanket statement like that right now without testing.It is certainly very viable and you do make a compelling case for it. :smile:

Like I said: the berserker is IMO the best Com for brawn builds overall.
But for deputy brawn builds, this is not so clear cut. The beast may well be even better indeed.

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Yes. L berserk gives solid outcome in any case.

And I could feel benefit of Beast when I tried to take down Terra. It is very good battlefield to test gears. Because you have to squeeze everything you have(with Deputy build).
With Beast, It took too long time compared with CE Monk. But the other elements of combat were better than Monks and berserk.

It was No Moxxi case. In normal situation, better HP recovery of Beast is not a big deal. Difference is reload speed(Beast) vs more critical damage + more magazine + 20% more movement speed (Berserk).

I think +35% reload speed is better than the others of Berserk. But It also can be considered that Berserk is better. As how you make fight.:slightly_smiling_face:

One more good thing with Beast is that you can choose other relics instead of Deputy’s Badge. If you choose +62% HP Relic(with RR or Evo), It is very solid. Really hard to be killed even with No Moxxi build.:face_with_monocle:

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All very good points indeed.

Has anyone else tried the beast on a brawn deputy ?

If so, what was your impression ?

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One showcase.

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And this is Deputy Tank Salvador build. I named it for fun.

This Tank build must has “HURT” punch
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