DeputyChuck's Gunzerking management class

Welcome to anger … I mean Gunzerking management class

Here’s the deal:

You want a build ?
Maybe you have a fondness for bandit pistols and want to make a build around them
Or you really like the idea of hoarder builds, but don’t know what to use with it ?
maybe you have a great concept for a build but don’t know what skills would work great with it ?
Or you don’t have a lot of stuff and don’t feel like farming and you want a build that works with what you have right now ?

Well this thread is here to help :slight_smile:

Just submit your demands and I’ll try to come up with whatever you need to kick some butts, akimbo style :sunglasses:

(I also encourage other forum veterans that are still active to open such threads for the other characters, see if that helps new players, or stimulate the imagination of older ones)

If Turrets, robots and whatnot are more your style, check out these:
Enroll in Piemanlee’s turret academy
Or give a call to Nova’s Mechromancer helpdesk


Heh, now thats timing. Would appreciate some pointers towards my build.
Pretty standard cookie-cutter afaik. Pistols will obviously the primary weapon (Ruby and later on Grog are pretty mandatory, so why not going for the 30% DMG from Div. Likeness), right now im mobbing with Fire/Corrosive Infinity + Ruby. Not really overkill, but I can walk through pretty much any map melting faces and armour alike without noticeable trouble and I rarely run into Ammo shortages thanks to the Infinities.

Equipment in Detail:
Fire Inf.
Cor. Inf.
Panik Launcher
Flame o.t. Firehawk
Storm Front
Sherrifs Badge
Unhinged Berserker

Final Build Planned:
Unsure whether or not to take Steady a.s.G (Hyperion Acc. Bug) and Asbestos doesn’t seem too bad, as DOTs can wreak havoc in UVHM and less HP by skipping HtK will make for easier Healthgating.

Equipment Planned:
Leg. Berserker COM, which I’m hunting for. DP-Harold as primary killer? For those pesky fliers (Buzzards, Observers etc) i was contemplating keeping an Infinity (Corr. or Shock, though?). Though something that packs a bit more of a punch might be a good idea.
Rough Rider to switch in for Raids/Bosses. What would be a good level for the RR? 30/50/on-Par? Thinking of Health Gating here, as the DMG reduction by 20% is flat.

Both builds look really solid, not a whole lot to change.
You should keep SaSG if you are not using Hyperion weapons exclusively
I don’t know if you know that, but Keep it piping hot does work during gunzerking, as long as get some activates (so it works for 3 seconds…every 3 seconds :stuck_out_tongue: )
Something to consider if you ever feel like some other skill doesn’t really do anything for you.

And don’t plan around Healthgate with Sal, you always have a Moxxi gun in hand, so you are better off thinking in terms of higher DPS as your way of staying alive

Then you can probably take the points out of money shot (since the infinities will never trigger it) and move points from Inconceivable to FFoB. (I usually don’t recommend doing that switch, but then again, I also don’t recommend the infinity on Sal either :stuck_out_tongue: )

A Berserker COM is a great choice, but if you are getting good at managing your gunzerks well (keeping it alive longer, timing your downtimes with empty places in the maps etc…) you might consider a Suave renegade COM, which would add about 65% extra gun damage.
Again, just a suggestion, it might not work for you but it’s worth a try at least

If you move to a Harold, I recommend moving points back into money shot and even consider using a Monk or Raider COM to take advantage of moneyshot chains (not my favorite strategy, but it works great still)

Otherwise, if you stick to faster guns with a bigger mag like Vladof pistols, the Renegade is a better choice than the Monk.

Legendary Berserker is so-so…the legendary Gunzerker is the legendary equivalent of the Berserker COM you have now (go figure)

As for the infinity… It’s nice to have right now, but it’s an underpowered gun on Sal, consider at least replacing it with an Anarchist…
Salvador has ammo regen and 2-3 different ways to mitigate ammo expenditure, so consider using guns that are more powerful but limited around that with a smaller ammo pool… like shotguns. :smiley:

To deal with fast targets, Very few things can stand up to a Conference Call or a Butcher.

Sure, you won’t be getting the bonus from I’m your Huck. and Div. Likeness for those times, but it’s totally worth it.

At level, no question. Healthgate is just not a strategy for Sal. Keep your points in Hard to Kill.
And for raiding, consider using a different kind of build entirely, as most pistol builds are great for mobbing, but seriously lack the punch necessary to tackle raid bosses. I mean…it can be (and has been) done, but it’s not optimal.

So…With raid in mind, and assuming your goal is to go Harold/grog, here’s another little piece of advice from the left field…

Consider getting a HARD Harold instead of a DP harold.
I know, this goes against common wisdom but hear me out on this:

The DP prefix is the highest DPS choice, no doubt about it.

But, in mobbing situations, it’s a bit overkill: it’s not necessary to have the maximum DPS possible…but rather the OPTIMUM DPS (as just about any harold can do, really) … In short, they perform about the same overall.
And in raiding situations, A DP has lower damage per ammo spent (which may be a problem since you might run out in the middle of the raid) A Hard Harold maximizes your output PER AMMO, allowing you to finish raids, while being still more than enough for most mobbing situations

Of course, in both cases, make sure that you get a Torgue grip on it, as the grip is actually more important than the accessory :slight_smile:


When I play Salvador, “Lowrider” by War always plays in my head. What can I do to avoid this?

[quote=“Chuck80, post:1, topic:1545090”](I also encourage other forum veterans that are still active to open such threads for the other characters, see if that helps new players, or stimulate the imagination of older ones)[/quote]Seriously though, I think this is a great idea. Not that I’m going to step up, but I like it.


Thanks for the reply.

I know Infinity doesn’t trigger money shot, unless you work around it, which isn’t worth the trouble in my book. However, they are simply placeholders and for conserving ammo. Prior to the Infinity i regularly ran out of Ammo, even with scrounging in between combat. Hell, in Sawtooth Cauldron I managed to get down to about 1/4 Ammo (800 cap ATM) while wiping out the the Basin at the start, altough that was in essence one big Luau without any respite until the entire Basin was secure.
Your garden variety Bandit will take about a half second, Super Bada$$ Tormentors and the like maybe 2-3 seconds, so its not like im extremely slow or something. Just not much collateral DMG like with a Harold.
As for the Anarchist: Great DMG, for a short while, that is. As soon as you hit the FPS Cap on the Firerate not even a Hoarder COM can keep your Ammo up, which is why I put the Anarchist back in storage and broke out the Infinity. Strictly a matter of convenience, to be sure, but Anarchists burn through Ammo way too fast IMHO.

Noted, I just went with the Naming logic, which obviously was erroneous (go figure this). It’ll most likely be L. Hoarder and L. Gunzerker then. Although, the Monk looks pretty sweet as well, will have to give it a shot if i can manage 'zerk time properly without +5 YKY and Get Some. Probably a good Raiders-Choice, though for more spike DMG?

As for the CC, I know and love this Gun, however, the plan was to stick to Pistols as much as possible, cause pretty much everyone else in my Roster has a CC either in an active slot, in the backpack, or at least banked, well except my melee 0 who got a Hornet as Surveyor Buster. I’ll probably get one in reserve, nonetheless.

Alright, I just thought that gating was the way to go, well, maybe because I’ve gotten used to it with 0, slicing things up nicely.
As for the Raid-Spec. I’ve read several times that Brawn doesn’t scale all to well, so, for Raiding the Build would probably only differ in weapons and maybe the odd point switched here and there.
Jack of all trades? Asbestos, as I’ll get a HP boost via the RR, which would be the Shield of choice when coming up against really big beasties.
Although, I’m still not sure about hitting the FPS Cap anyways thanks to Keep Firing, then again, Harold is a lot slower than Infinity, which reaches the deck quite quickly.

Thanks for the tip with the Harold, will do some shopping with my 0 for Hard Harold.

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So chuck I want to try out a slagga/kerblaster combo. Any advice besides don’t take money shot? I’d prefer no moxxies but I know if i go that route there’s a higher chance of death which is fine with me.

Oh btw I’d make one of these threads for axton, but I’m moving and will be without wifi for who knows how long.

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Try this:

With a Leg. Titan COM, a Blood relic with + AR ammo, a Neo or Evo shield and a quasar (or other singularity) grenade (to bunch them up and maximize the Kerblaster’s effect. :slight_smile:

Without any Moxxi, you kinda have to go with Brawn, but i’ve been testing it lately and it sorta works at OP8 (Build is very similar but the gun choice is very different)

I can recommend something from my own brawn build (which I might post sometimes soon):
Remember how an off-hand pimpernel’s orbs take on the element (and damage) of the gun in your main hand ?
Well, if you use a slag pimpernel in your off hand as your slag tool, you get a slightly less reliable slagger (as the orbs will be explosive, not slag) with just the main bullet and splash as slagging chances, but you get a gun that both slags AND delivers a serious punch in another element (which basically means that you can reliably kill with it alone)


Build looks good. Check
I have the gear. Check
Thanks chuck.
So for your brawn build you basically run a weaker version of the pimp/duurp combo?


Yes and no
It’s basically the same thing I posted for you, but I wield dual pimps instead.
I do benefit a bit from the same principle to increase my damage output with my off-hand, but there ends the similarities. Nothing in my loadout is made to maximize this effect and I don’t even spec money shot. Without this bug, the build would still be about 80% as strong and would probably still work at OP8.

I pick the pimp because they are powerful and ammo-efficient, not because of the bug :slight_smile:

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Another option is to replace the Slagga with a slag kitten… it’s not quite as good a slagger, but you get Moxxi healing and can benefit from a matching weapon type with Divergent Likeness. If you go that route, you can remove almost all points in the Brawn tree and get to NKLO and Keep Firing. And also go for another COM, like the hoarder or Leg. Gunzerker

Leg. Gunzerker:


If I had a slag kitten I’d think about it, thanks.


My old build, pretty fun at level 72 only. Not so good at OP.

  • Rough rider/Evolution. Second one is better, cuz more health. Shield points vs fire is also nice
  • Beast com with +6 ST and +5 Incite
  • any Health relic
  • any sniper rifle you like/you can get for general damage
  • slag Pimpernel for slag and shields
  • Grog for emergency healing
  • Harold/Orphan for emergency “fk this sht” ) or armored targets
  • any grenade you like
    So the point is no dual wield. Also, this is probably the only build that actually get some benefits from All I Need is One.

Chuck, what do you think about that new gunzerker infinite damage glitch?


I’m not aware of a new thing about it

Do you mean the one where you hold the trigger down before starting gunzerk so that every shot is a money shot ?

if so… it’s cute I guess… a mag size of 1 doesn’t give terribly good damage with $S. Most people have tried it with dual Infinities though…which I think is a mistake.
Though if it works with a different gun in your main hand (the same way Deputy builds work) then it might be interesting…but that would mean you are stuck with an infinity in your off-hand… which probably means a slag gun in your main hand.

It might also not work at all due to the fact that the off-hand appeast after gunzerking starts… I will have to check…but i’m not optimistic :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all…worth checking just in case, but most probably not very useful

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[quote=“Chuck80, post:13, topic:1545090, full:true”]
Do you mean the one where you hold the trigger down before starting gunzerk so that every shot is a money shot ?[/quote]

I mean amp shield stacking glitch. Equip any amp shield (except Bee), exit to main menu, enter again. Amp damage will stack (left hand only). Do it like about 50 times and one shot any OP8 raid boss, even with lvl 1 white pistol.

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Oh, I misread you. I thought you said “Infinity” not “infinite” :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t aware of it. Doesn’t really impress me though, plenty of ways to break the game already. Nice to know of course :slight_smile:

I don’t plan on using it.


Oh, I don’t know- ‘cheap’ bosses require ‘cheap’ tactics sometimes coughMaster Gee cough Voradicious cough :grin:

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:g please post your Brawn buill pls. Th anks


You’ve been mentioning this for a while now Chuck. I am pretty sure you’re done. You just need to write it up, so-to-speak. :wink:

Still looking forward to it’s release.


Chuck is there a mid level flacker build? I am currently level 41 with a chaotic evil monk. Flackker kicks butt with FOFTH but I ended up having to use the law and grog to kill bloodwing TVHM
w/ inflammable bee equipped. thanks!!!

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It’s a bit hard to recommend a specific build at low/mid level since there is so many staples to get first. I’m afraid that in this case, a Flakker build will be very much the same as an anything-else build.

IMO at that stage of the game, keeping your gunzerk up as long as possible is more important than getting benefits out of money shot (The Flakker should be powerful enough ) and is the biggest factor in your survivability and DPS. So you can keep the Monk COM for the fire rate and crit bonus, but I wouldn’t bother with money shot for now, it’s overkill.

You could get yourself a Berserker COM instead.
Is your off-hand weapon a slagger with healing like the Rubi ?
If not, you should :stuck_out_tongue:

I would go with this:

You don’t have enough points to get to Down not out or to fill up Money shot anyway, so a bit of extra health is a good alternative here. I also stole a point from Keep firing to pick FFoH, as the Flakker is much better if there is at least a little distance between you and your target, so dickpunch them in range :slight_smile:

As soon as you hit level 42, move that point back to Keep firing