DeputyChuck's Gunzerking management class

Actually, I differ on that.

With a hoarder build, you will usually be able to reload between areas, you also get a free reload each time you enter gunzerk and if it’s REALLY an issue for you, a single point in auto loader would fix any remaining issue.

Don’t forget that 6/5 FttB in a bandit gun will make it hold sometimes half your total ammo.

And you still have incite… And keep firing… And Inconceivable… And 5so6…

Bandit shotguns are garbage on hoarder builds anyway: the good ones use too much ammo to benefit from 5so6, and their spread at max accuracy is horrid.

The real closest thing to a Vladof shotgun are the Hyperion ones :slight_smile:


Plus, with 4 gun slots, you don’t have room for every type of gun anyway.


Vladof makes 3 out of 4 of these, and they are really good. The only one they don’t make happen to be Bandit’s strong point. :slight_smile:


To quote Jayne Cobb: “I get excitable as to choice, and I like to keep my options open.” I’ll probably put a point into Auto Loader unless Bandit shotties are impractical when I have the skill points for it. For now they are killing things for me pretty quickly, although I expect UVHM, if not TVHM, will change that. Oh well, I’ll burn that bridge when I cross it. Thank you, all of you.


Note to self : actually spec Auto Loader sometime. :laughing:

I never have :astonished:


Additionally, Bandit shotties (or any shotties that aren’t Hyperion to start with) are going to be something you want to use for a Money Shot build to start with, as is my intent with my other Sal. Of course I haven’t played with him since late October and I’ve been incredibly busy with college work (and admittedly incredibly lazy even after the semester to start Borderlands 2 up again). XD


A little bit of my discomfort for everyone here to snicker at. I swore I had a Leg Hoarder com in one of my toons’ bank. Spent half an hour looking for it and just couldn’t find it. Was resigned to farming for one when I took a more thorough look around. Of course it was in a backpack. Salvester’s (level 72, so unless I find a new one between 62 and 72 I’ve got some waiting ahead of me).The first Bank I checked and the last backpack I checked. Guess who’s thinking about setting up and organizing mules now?


I am only just starting a Salvador play through I have never played him before and want to know what build I should use and what gear I should farm for.

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I suggest then that you start with my skill guide. It has everything you need to get started.


Okie thanks

Oh and the top Gear guide is also worth a look. :slightly_smiling_face:


I finally got around to revisiting this, and I have thoughts.

  • AGTTB is a blessing in disguise, as I can dual wield two NE Anarchist pistols I have without having to lean so heavily on Moxxi.

  • The downside is, the clear and obvious lack of damage output without either KIPH or NKLO in tow. Ain’t gonna lie I kinda miss it, when I could just kill off a trash mob with a Fastball and then just go to town on everything in sight, including Badasses and Bosses – I swear, having NKLO after wrecking one of Tinder’s minions made the bossfight that much easier.


I forgot these threads existed…

Anyways, came back like so many other people and… I forgot how boringly OP Sal is. I’ve been intending to make a no Moxxi Brawn build for a long time, but I figure now is the time. Not much concrete ideas for gear yet (my knowledge and memory is rusty as hell due to not playing for two years) aside that I want to use the Leg Titan, and take full advantage of the tree’s tanking skills… even the bad ones like Juggernaut. I know that isn’t a lot to go on, but I just want something that requires more work than “look in the vague direction of enemies and win.”


There’s this:

And a couple of others in the Master Build List. There’s also the Deputy build, of course, which IIRC does have some variants.


IMO the best COM for Brawn is the Leg Berzerker. It gives a great balance of passive healing and utility.

This is an all-Jakobs build I did. Works great - no Moxxi or transfusions. Definitely not OP (actually works better at low OP levels but a combo of a ROM and a Triquetra is extremely good).

I’m a bigger fan of Brawn than your average bear.
kbk is a completely badass Brawn Sal player :


I agree.

The Titan is crippled by not being able to use the RR

What weapon do you want to use ?


Would absolutely be my pick as well for no Moxxie brawn build that requires a bit of skills. KBK’s build is the only significant improvement to the deputy build in a looong time.


I happen to have an Interfacer and Florentine in my bank for some reason. Could start with those, since it’s about all I have aside from my Hoarder and Deputy gear.

Also, I made this stupid mess earlier today, so behold the awfulness :p.


It’s an honor for two great men(+ @DeputyChuck) to judge me that way. :slightly_smiling_face:


What about this with L-Berserker.
RR or Evo and ‘Vitality Relic’ will work. :thinking:


Thank you @Jefe for mentioning @kbk160008 . He is the player that brought about the Beast com and no moxxi brawn build. pulled it off nicely too. I was perusing the thread and I come to the end I was wondering who that player was. Thanks, your mind is like a steel trap.

exactly. :wink: which is why I hold him in such high regard. Years…Years later something new and viable. lol You’re an inspiration!