DeputyChuck's Gunzerking management class

Thanks Chuck I appreciate the response. My monk class does have Asbestos, is it not worth putting a point there? I am using the Grog…love it! The Flacker is amazing when you get the distance right.

Since I am using monk dont I need the flacker in my off hand…maybe I am confused


Yes, move a point from Incite

Good good :slight_smile:

Nope, main hand is where it’s at if you’re not trying to pull off a Deputy (which wouldn’t make sense with a Flakker)


Alrighty you da man!!



Well Chuck. Guess it is my turn to call for your help. And apologies for the bump.
Wonder how many will be shocked that I’m considering going for a Sal build.

Anyway, I was trying to think of something that involves the Shrediffier, perhaps with a Kitten off hand with a secondary set possibly having 2 shotguns, and I like to ask for your advice.

For the skillbuild, this is what I have in mind:
But for COMs (maybe a Hoarder?), shield and grenades I atm draw a blank. And I’m not even sure if the skillbuild is good for it.

Any particular order I should invest in skills?


I will give you a complete answer when I have access to a real keyboard (feel free to ping me again if i forget)

Right now as you’re leveling, the Rampage tree is your best friend, but Points in HtK are quite handy.

Your build, while perfectible, is quite alright for a first draft.

Yes, a Hoarder COM would be the best choice here, or maybe a War Dog or Berserker.

Shields: Adaptive or the equivalent

Grenades: who cares? Use what you like :stuck_out_tongue:


i want a good assault rifle build, is grog + bekah the best?
i also need a good SMG gunzerk combo. i need high survivability, damage is not really an issue. is there a crit based build? any high damage builds?
even better would be an SMG + AR build.

i would like to run these with a hoarder mod and be viable at op 8. the reason is, i prefer to solo with deputy build (handgun shotgun) with boss blaster (pimp + creamer). so the only 2 ammo i have left to help my friends while not blowing stuff up myself is SMG + AR, but if it does go south, i have plenty of real ammo to take care of things on my own. if there’s a viable build with an SMG + AR, that would be even better. but the smgs look like garbage (compared to deputy and boss blaster).

Kittyzerker is an easy way to get ARs working on Sal.

For SMGs, a grog+bitch combo works well.


Well if I’m frank with you, “no duh”. One is a glitch on par and well above something like merging, causing the already extremely powerful weapon that is the Pimpernel to deal about 16000% more damage than it normally does.

And the Deputy takes a massive advantage of Sal’s best (most reliable) skill ‘Money Shot’, and has almost perfect synergy with NKLO. While also taking almost unrivaled advantage of Sal’s natural merging and making it look as if his quirky off hand was made specifically for the Orphan Maker. Only guns strong in their own right, that don’t synergize with MS, can compete for a spot with Sal. Such as main handing a Lady Fist.

And in the Bee-less land of TPS, you come to realize 9 times out of 10 shotguns and those guns that emulate them, are the strongest weapons. Of course a wimpy weapon class like SMGs can’t compete, the DPS difference once you solve the range/accuracy problem is unreal.

Neither build uses all that much ammo, minus launcher. I’ve never dipped below 900 pistol ammo and 200 shotgun on the Deputy. You only need the pimp for raids and even then it uses like 20 ammo max, and most builds don’t mob with a launcher unless you’re using a Sham. So I’m pretty sure you could easily use the other ammo types if you wanted so long as you didn’t purposefully go crazy with something like Lyudas.

So you can use any ammo types you want in conjunction with the Deputy Build, but if you still want an AR + SMG build I can see what I can do. Just pick what you’d want if you’d like my input as well.

  • Tertiary build with any ammo pool
  • AR/SMG with a Grog
  • AR + SMG

Alright, Right off the bat, All I need is one is garbage, move those points higher to quick draw.
If you’re already that far down the Gunlust tree, find at least one point to put into NKLO
Filled to the Brim isn’t necessary, a single point to get the COM bonus is plenty.
If you’re going with Shreddifier/Kitten, you might be lacking slightly in survivability, so I would move some points to ain’t got time to bleed to get a baseline.
IMO, Money shot isn’t all that great when you can’t rely on/predict when it comes on, especially in a build with 3 different ammo-mitigation skills, so I wouldn’t bother with it. That leaves you with a few extra points.
If you feel like swapping to a pair of shotguns from time to time, then Auto-Loader is a must: kill something, swap, kill something, swap again …reloading is for chumps :stuck_out_tongue:

So maybe something like this:

As for your shotguns, Slow hand/anything powerful (Ravager, Swordsplosion, Omen, Blockhead, Hertbreaker, Slow hand, Sledge’s shotgun, Jolly Roger) is a good combo. I added FFoH to the skill build to get rid of sticky foes since the slow hand can hurt you if you shoot it from too close.


I would also take the time to reply to you in full… but Khim pretty much covered it already :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet, thanks. Bookmarked.

Cool. Sledges Shotgun it probably is. Unless a Development will work aswel?

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Yeah sure, why not :stuck_out_tongue:

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So I’m trying to plan out this Legendary titan, mobbing build and I’m not sure it will work can you help? The build is I have a lot of the cooldown skills so I could almost alway gunzerker, 10 in hard to kill for 40% health regen, 10 in bubble gum cause 70% fire rate. I plan to main a slag slowhand in my left and a DPUH in my left. Now the problem if I wear the legendary titan class mod I lose some shield if that shield was a low enough level fabled tortoise do the shield capacity and the shield lose have to match to always have bubble gum on or can the shield lose be greater?

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I know this is directed @Chuck80 but I created a Brawn build that might help you out. And as far as weapons go my favorite combo with him is a slag Sledge’s Shotgun + shock Practicable Slow Hand. Put on a The Transformer shield to rarely ever worry about your shield going down and you can melt even armored enemies in their tracks…

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That looks decent. A few observations:
I’m ready already is almost useless since it doesn’t work at the same time as Get Some, you can safely put those points elsewhere.

Find a point to put in Keep Firing
5 skill points spent in OoBG combined with a COM that boosts it will net you 70% fire rate … A single point in KF will give you 88% as well as some reload speed. (which you might need since a DPUH spends about half the time reloading …more than that if you consider how many fire rate buffs you have)

It would have to be EXACTLY the same value, otherwise, the game will see it as having no shield and OoBG will not work.


Okay thanks one more question what is the equation for shield capacity with bar?

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Very good question.

Don’t bother yourself too much with that, when you play salvador you rarely have your shield up anyway

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OK, here’s a challenge (question?) for the class. I use my Salvador as my go to character for raiding (can solo, i.e. OP8 Voracidous & Terramorphous easily, mostly with the Pimp/RL glitch). I feel incomplete, however, because I can’t grenade/rocket jump worth beans (granted, rarely practice it). I’ve heard having Bus That Can’t Slow Down (at 5/5?) is essential for pro-level jumping but feel insecure, damage-wise, putting so many points in the Brawn tree, not to mention going around without a grenade mod, wearing a Sham shield, and carrying two level 24 Badabooms). My typical build using mainly a True or Chaotic Evil Neutral Monk is

Can I expect to rocket jump ok without spec’ing into Bus TCSD, just using the above build & switching to sham, badaboom, no grenade mod for messing around with jumping?

Thanks in advance!

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Go with a deputy build, Brawn version, which already features points into Bus if you want a buid that features Bus without compromises.
Don’t worry about your damage output :wink:

Yeah, you can totally rocket jump without Bus, but it helps :slight_smile:

Or if you want to keep your build but change it a bit so you can include Bus, here’s what I would do:

I’m ready already was kinda useless anyway since it doesn’t work with get some, and …well, you gotta take the points somewhere, and I took them from NKLO and KiPH, which should lower your damage output a bit, but won’t alter the fundamentals of the build.

Sorry in advance if some parts make no sense, I was at a Whisky event tonight and sampled a lot of very good things :slight_smile:


So a question/challenge to the class: what would be a nice build where I can pretty much tank/gunserk pretty well? Here is what I have so far:
I only planning on going to 72 and maybe OP1 with this build. I want to just eat damage and not die while more or less rarely ever reloading.