DeputyChuck's Gunzerking management class

(Sheriff) #41

The most efficient way to tank is through Gunzerking with no downtime and Moxxi weapons.

Of course, if you want to stack some Brawn on top of a Moxxi gun, you would be pretty hard to bring down.

This should do the trick:
coupled with a legendary hoarder for the “never reloading” part

Guns can be anything you like, but you gotta have a moxxi gun that slags in your off hand, and it would be better if your main hand gun only used one ammo per shot.

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That is some sound advice. Thanks for the swift response ^^

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(jafortune) #43

I’ve been using the Naught like hot sauce since the Community Patch came out; That !@#$% is going on everything. :grin:
I’ve got a Grounded Naught with good recharge parts, a Purple Armored Tank Class Mod for the recharge rate, and a Skin of the Ancients for more recharge rate and some nice elemental resistances.
Brawn Sal with a Naught, basically.
I’m currently running this skill loadout, and some old-fashioned Deputy ROM + Slag Lady Fist for my guns to bring the pain.

Any tweaks, advice, and gun/grenade suggestions welcome!
Thanks Class,

(Sheriff) #44

Wow! That’s a special setup
I never thought of Brawn Sal with shields in mind…though without the Naught, there wasn’t much to think about.

Good reasons to skip shields with Sal are Inconceivable and OoBG, but a Deputy setup ignores both, so solid choice here.

Your build seems very solid. If the overall tankiness it offers is adequate, and the damage output is sufficient (considering you’re not boosting Money shot with your COM), then I have nothing to add :slight_smile:

Tamk COM: Bear in mind that whenever you increase both capacity and rate, you haven’t increased the rate at all, proportionately. But more shield is still more shield.

I guess that with a shield that always recharges and 8% or so health regen…and 6/5 Asbestos, DoTs are not a real problem :stuck_out_tongue:

(Spark Seeker) #45

Hey Chuck, whats up?
Could you help me? Im really new to Salvador, as he and Krieg are the only ones I havent played since lauch. Everytime I start a new Gunzerker, I feel I cant play it properly as I dont really know what to spec or equip.
What would be your recommendations? Should I spec aiming Gunzerker uptime/cdr? Or is it better to try to get Money Shot as fast as I can?

Also, about end game specs, there is something else besides DPUH/Grog and Deputy? Hoarder with Anarchists or Tediore reloads?


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(Sheriff) #46

Hi, doing good, how about you ? :slight_smile:

Yes, most definitely. Last Longer, Yippee Ky Yay and Get some are the Holy trinity, you should put 5 points in all 3, always, no exceptions. I’m ready already is nice until you have access to Get some, but afterwards, it becomes nearly useless.

Absolutely no. So many builds don’t need Money shot, but Gunzerking is a must

Or to put it another way, I’ve made lots of builds without Money shot…but never without Get Some

All of these work yeah

The reason Grog/Harold is so popular is because its easy to play and easy to setup and you don’t have much to think about…but that doesn’t mean its the only option.

Hoarder builds are awesome IMO, but don’t feel limited to anarchists: every gun that is not semi-auto, that consumes 1 ammo per shot and that is fairly powerful can work.

I love using the Lyuda with a hoarder. Don’t worry about the low ammo capacity of snipers, You’ll never dip below 80 bullets out of 132.

Here are a few great combos for Hoarder builds:

Dual Slow hands
Dual Kittens
Dual Rubi
Slow hand/heartbreaker
Slow Hand/Blockhead
Dual topneaa (yes, you can totally do a pure RL build :stuck_out_tongue: )
Slow hand/Butcher
Moxxi/Teeth of Terra

… see how this is going ? … I could carry on. Just try what you like :slight_smile:

Other options Include Sljm’s Pimpslapper (Grog/Pimpernel)

You can also do good stuff with a bit of Brawn, which allows you to use more powerful guns because you’re not limited to Moxxi guns in your off-hand, but you have to be a much smarter player and/or use guns that are effective at a longer range

Dual Pimp works very well here
Swordsplosion too

This is also the right time to try those ludicrous guns like the Chopper :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also do Melee: Just get a pair of Rapiers, a Might of the Seraph and carry a bladed Grog to swap to when you need it, Spec in Fistful of Hurt and wear a Leg. Berserker COM.

Tediore chuckers are pretty fun too. A Devastator, War Dog or Legendary Hoarder COM and a pair of Tediore SMGs and you’re good.

…And there is of course a Deputy setup as an option

If any of these strike your fancy, I can come up with a build and loadout for you :slight_smile:

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #47

@Chuck80 this is probably one of the weirdest Salvador build requests - but do you think you’d be able to help me build a viable Level 72 OP0 (Since Ideally it would be able to run OP8, but I’m not too big of a fan of the higher OP levels) Bane only Salvador?

So far the guaranteed things in it are

  • Fire Bane (OP8)
  • Shock Bane (OP8)
  • Corrosive Bane (OP8)
  • NE Bane (OP8)
  • Magic Missile x4 (OP8)
  • Double Your Fun (Skill)

As long as it has the dual grenade skill (which is more a preferential thing, and my main Slagging method) I’m fine for more or less anything as the end result.

I’m fairly iffy on a skill tree since I know very little about Salvador from a skill standpoint, but this is similar to what I’ve been playing with (except there is a few changes, which I’ll get a comparison of ASAP)


(This is all I found from what I’ve used)

I am running the UCP (if that matters) but I believe it only really buffs a handful of Salvador things, such as “Hard to Kill” is double for regen I think.

Since it’s exclusively Bane wielding I know Movement speed is redundant, and with me playing this at OP0 with OP8 gear and such (since it’s more a build for joking around with than being able to set records) I’m hoping you can shed some light on this.

Things I could do with advice for;

  • Shield
  • Com
  • Relic

Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

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(Sheriff) #48

Hohoho! this sounds like fun!

This is actually the kind of requests I was hoping to get when I made this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, I’m pretty sure this will be perfectly viable at OP0 so no need to use OP8 guns… and it would most probably work at OP8 proper too)

Yes, the Bane, wonderful!


  • Very high damage
  • Very accurate (Hyperion gimmick)
  • High magazine, fire rate and reload speed
  • Broke Batman’s back


  • Makes you slow AF

Not much I can do for the second one, but the speed can probably be dealt with.

Since you are using a pair of Banes and a Magic Missile for grenade, you can’t rely on Moxxi guns for healing, so you will have to go to Brawn (which is kind of what you’ve been doing so far)

One thing I need to be sure of (and I don’t have a way to test this)
Is the Bane’s speed penalty fixed ?
Or can you fight it with movement speed increase ?

If so, this is the spec I would use:

If your speed is fixed, I would go with this:

In the first case, I would pick the Leg. Berserker, for the increased movement speed, as well as the fire rate increase. Add on a Rough Rider or an EVo/Neo and a Blood of the ancient (with SMG ammo), or a Blood of Terra for extra survivability. If you find that it is not necessary, a Bone of the ancient is always a good pick

In the other case, I would go with a Leg Titan for the increased Damage and the overall survivability
An Evo/Neo as a shield (don’t use a RR this time, since the Titan COM’s shield penalty will break it and you won’t get OoBG’s bonus)

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(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #49

Speed is always down with it - I’ve been playing with the Berzerker com, Bus that can’t slow down and Incite but none of them, save maybe a minor buff from incite, seemed to do anything (though the incite one could just be something I’m hoping to see).

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(Sheriff) #50

Fair enough, so this will be a novelty build at best then (Damn shame…)

But, if you can find a place where movement isn’t an issue, this will wreck, I promise :wink:

Edit: OooooH!!! I know
Carry a pair of low level Badabooms and rocket-jump your way around!! :smiley:

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #51

Oh that’s why I want it - I was using it alongside @FunkJunkie when he was running around at OP8 earlier and I was laughing almost all the time. Only really dying, even with the inability to run faster than FFYL, against the Badass Constructor V3.0 and the Ultimate Badass Loader.

Movement speed would probably be possible to modify, but I dunno, I kind of think the lower speed would make it funnier.

For quiet areas where you move I’d probably just carry a couple of guns I could swap too if there’s nothing to kill or run away from.

Thanks for this help. It was funny with what I had, now to try it as a more viable build for killing things - and hopefully one day inspire a 4 player all banes run of UVHM from Liars Berg to the Warrior.

(Breunion Boy) #52

Which will happen first: that run ending or the heat death of the universe?
Add in Hoplites and I’ll try it
That was hilarious to watch :joy:

(Sheriff) #53


I overthought this :stuck_out_tongue:

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(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #54

Considering I said Bane’s only I’m probably responsible for that part since logic dictates “Bane’s Only” means I’d only carry them.

(Breunion Boy) #55

Bring the badabooms if you jump in my game again :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Shure) #56

So I think I already know the answer to this but a ROM with only a 2 mag size isn’t good enough for Sal, right? Picked up an OP8 one with Maya and ot quite excited until I saw the mag size

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(Sheriff) #57

Yeah, reason is simple: Money shot doesn’t work with guns that have only one shot in the Mag

If you have a Zero however, OSOK LOVES a 2-mag ROM :slight_smile:

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(Shure) #58

ah, thanks for the quick reply. I thought as much!

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(Spark Seeker) #59

Chuck, sorry for the late reply and thank you a lot for the input.
I have yet to get the feel of Salvador, so I still dont know how I wanna play him. As I like shotguns in general, a lot of setups you listed seems attractive - Deputy include. I have watched Bahroo going through all Raid bosses with a pair of Hyperion Quad barrelled shotguns and seemed amazing.
The Bandit uniques also seems nice on paper.


Hey Chuck
You may remember I’m doing a Jakobs gun build ( as in all 4 gun slots w/ Jakobs but any grenades, COM, shield ) . I’m currently at level 47 and still have a bit before to go before UVHM - but it’s time to start making a plan.

My build was strictly Rampage until now - ( the points in Filled to the Brim and I’m Ready may go elsewhere eventually / the plan was to max Ain’t Got Time, then work on Gunlust ).

-My guns vary with availability - 1-2 barrel Doc’s shots, pistols, Diaubs, all red-texts ( Buffalo, Rex, Law, Hammer, Stomper, Triquetra, Maggie, et al. ) ; I’ve just gotten 2 Strikers, which should be fun. I intend to continue this mix.
-Grenades have been transfusions so far (mostly).
-COM has only been a blue Berserker ( +LL & YKY ).
-Relic is Dep’s Badge.
-Shields have been Rough Rider, Neo, Adaptives, Absorbs, FotF and Spikes.

I saw your recommendations to Pie and thought that build or your Brawn Dep Sal build might work best - I may alternate them depending on what I’m carrying.

-Slag will need to come from grenades - which means I’ll need MM’s and slag transfusions.
-I’m looking out for a Jakobs allegiance relic - I think that and the Dep’s & Sheriff’s Badges would be the best relics.
-I’m not sure about COM though - Berserker or Titan ; Leg Bers, Leg Gunz, Leg Titan may all work when they show up.

What do you think?

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