DeputyChuck's Gunzerking management class

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You can already move the points from I’m ready already, they’re just about useless: You’ll get most of your cooldown from Get Some, and I’MRA doesn’t apply to that.

Not much to change there: this is not end level, so you’re not really making any “choice” per se :stuck_out_tongue:

Pure jakobs, I would go with this:

Modifiable depending on what you end up settling with (guns and COM)
Just move the points from FttB to AitR if you go Deputy
Since you have no access to Moxxi, you will have to go brawn mostly

A real nice choice here is the Monk COM, since it boosts Money shot and T-Rex. Even a purple one is a great pick since Asbestos is not too bad. Just move a point from incite or Bus to get the bonus.
Otherwise, Leg Titan is good, but you won’t be getting much from the 2 fire rate skill boost.
the Beast is also very decent.
The berserker is always good, but does little to help you stay alive

One cool setup I once did was with a War Dog COM and a Jakobs allegiance relic that boosted mag size and reduced recoil
bonus to FttB, flat increased mag size, bonus to 5so6 and the relic… Then you equip a striker … with a mag size of about 15 …and spam away :stuck_out_tongue:

You probably could do it with a true neutral monk too and benefit from some health regen on top :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, your best bet is probably a blood of the ancient relic to stack more health (making those %-based regen skill more efficient)


Crazy that I got blind to I’m Ready - especially that I just realized I can shoot barrels and skag piles to trigger Get Some if I need. All points leaving immediately.

I’m seeing a lot more flexibility in build and COMs than I first considered. I think this is going to get very cool - can’t wait for dual-Unforgivens :grin:

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I didn’t even knew that :stuck_out_tongue:


A couple days ago I was shooting piles in Tundra and noticed it triggered a skill timer that was conspicuously short.

This has come in handy!


Status report!

I’ve gotten my character to OP4 - halting there mostly because I didn’t see getting through further levels of the Peak without overhauling. That said, it’s very solid at OP4 and have no problems staying upright.

Although it started using anything Jakobs, the core has become dual (Docs) Jakobs shotguns :

  • Strikers mostly because of availability ; but can now - with an allegiance relic and tweaking FttB - get an ammo size of 12 with a Triquetra, and 4 with a purple Coach Gun ( this combo has proven the most effective ).
  • I still keep a HB , Maggie and Unforgiven on board but they pale in damage output compared to the above.
  • Primarily a Rough Rider ( + Neo and Sham )
  • Deputy Badge or allegiance relic
  • Magic Missiles ( 90% of the time, along with slag trans , Quasar, Pandemic )

The magic recipe for healing has come from the Legendary Berserker COM with its boost to H2K and movement speed. With this build, I can power heal very quickly - especially as movement speed is extremely high, getting me out of harms way. The boost to Quick Draw is nice too - as it relies on crits, the extra 20% is good.

I know this COM is not very well regarded, but it blows every other COM out of the water with my build.

Anyways, thanks for your help and guidance - I figured you might like to know the L Ber COM has an actual use.

(Edit : occasional cheats involve a Critical Heartbreaker & Striker ; Rubi & ROM ; and bladed Rubi & Law w/ Love Thumper)

Gunzerker annoyances
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I would take the point you have in “I’m your huckleberry” and move them elsewhere. you aren’t using pistols(except the rubi) from what I read just now. :wink:

I’d put them into “locked and loaded”.


They were there, but I don’t use anything that have any fire rate issues ( except the odd Unforgiven foray ). I do use dual Maggie’s from time to time, so the points are actually marginally more helpful there.

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then I’d move them to Divergent Likeness. :wink:

tighten up that already pretty accurate spread would greatly increase your DPS, imo.


I need something to get to Money Shot and don’t have any points to spend in DL - I would need to pull points from the other trees - and that ain’t gonna happen :wink:

Edit - I might try culling some points from Brawn and All in the Reflexes.

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yes you would, and I totally get it. You’re good as is. :wink:

you go a bit further down the Brawn tree than myself.
Aint Got time to bleed, I’ve never thought was good enough. and Sexy T, I just don’t feel the need to go down that far. I would take those and move them over to increase your DPS. Also, the Bubble gum skill is pretty sweet with a rough rider shield on. Bus can’t slow down skill paired with a Leg Berserker COM, you are running around like a banshee while zerking. :smile:

I had to edit that remark above. I re-read and noticed I forgot to tell you the skill that makes me run around like a banshee. :wink:


I’ll experiment with Sexy, but since I’m not carrying any Moxxi, I get a bit squishy. There’s no way I can pare down AGTTB.
Also Bubblegum…fire rate…don’t need it. :grin:

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you’d like it with that Rubi. just saying. lol

We’re just splitting hairs here. you know your stuff and don’t need my help. other than maybe an idea you hadn’t thought of or heard of, which amazingly enough still happens to me after all these years.


I just realized: in case I didn’t clarify, I don’t use any Moxxi ( 95% of the time ) - including the Rubi. Rubi is for use with the Law if I go melee ( pretty rarely ) and the Heart Breaker is for quick-farming Tinder ( along with Striker ). I don’t usually go Rubi + ROM even though I have one.

95% of the time it’s dual Jakobs: Triquetra + Coach ; Striker x2 ; Maggie x2 ; Muckamuck + Unforgiven, etc. ( this reminds me, I have Hawkeye somewhere! )

I need fire rate boosts so infrequently, I don’t respec ( although I should! ).

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Nice setup @Jefe, I also like to use two of the same gun, shoot with the main hand, reload while shooting the off hand.
This way or my favourite, place your guns on the same slot and abuse “auto loader” to reload your gun.

You should try the Peacekeeper if you still haven’t test it. I saw a video the other day about this gun made by a guy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wouldn’t change much to your setup other than the suggested investment in T-Rex. Making a few compromises here and there would allow you to pick CAMB, which is a HUGE help and a great panic button for no-moxxi builds

You can move the points from Asbestos to t-rex (health regen fights DoTs as well by healing through them so you don’t lose much)

Since you are using a lot of low-mag pistols and shotguns and have points in Money shot, it might be one of those very rare instances where Inconceivable is not an optimal choice and a larger but more predictable mag size would be better.

Give this a try and give me some feedback :slight_smile:


Inconceivable is admittedly my problem : without it my Money Shots are frequent and ■■■■■■■■■■. But my ammo consumption gets a bit crazy. I actually was playing around with that a lot last night. Ammo consumption is mitigated by me actually swapping to my other guns!

Also , FttB becomes 10/5 which bumps up my mag size more than I’d like. I’ll work on a way to optimize mag size and do away with Inconceivable.

I’ll try your Brawn suggestions for sure


( edit - I just realized my relic , that boosts mag size and recoil reduction actually comes in a version without mag size boost! Idiot moi! )

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If you don’t mind using custom content and something that deviates a little from your Jakobs allegiance, you can try the ammo regen relic create by @Aaron0000. There is also a COM made by Legacine that could help you, with the same passive ammo regen than a Leg Hoarder but with different skills.


Thanks -the new gear is very interesting ( that Leg Monk COM! ) - but I just can’t bring myself to change the game through the patch. I don’t think I can explain it properly, but I prefer the limitations the game gives me rather than modify my way through them.

To be clear, I in no way think poorly of anyone who does though! I think the patch is cool, the new gear is cool - but it is not for me ( yet ).


Alright Chuck!
That is my new build! I had an allegiance relic without mag boost - so with FttB maxed, my mag size is actually perfect.

I can now get lots of Money Shots with both hands ( every second shot left / every third shot right ), pretty good reload with AitR ( I’d prefer it at 5/5 - oh well ), and oddly my ammo consumption has become irrelevant ( which was not my previous experience when I spec’d out if Inconceivable ). Also no reload stalling.

I don’t actually see a lot of difference with healing yet , but I’ll stick with it. Also it will take me a long time to remember to use CAMB.

Huge thanks! :grinning:

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My turn to ask for advice…

My build

Primary gear (all gear on-level)…

  • Elemental Interfacers or elemental Conference Calls, depending on circumstances
  • Offhand slag Rubi
  • Neogenator
  • either Quasars or Storm Fronts
  • Leg. Gunzerker class mod
  • Blood of the Ancients relic w/boosts to max health and both pistol and shotgun ammo


  • Grog, just in case
  • DPUH, same reason
  • Casual Flakker
  • Rough Rider
  • Bee
  • Evolution
  • Leg. Berserker class mod
  • Bones in all elements
  • Deputy’s Badge
  • and some other stuff that may or may not be useful

Disclosure - Most all of my Sal knowledge come either from these threads or Derch’s Sal guide…just putting that out to say that I haven’t done HUGE amounts of research on him.

Reason for all this babbling; after I get him past OP 8 I want to use him more for raiding, going after OOO, etc and less for mobbing. I think I have a fairly good build but I’m no expert by any means. Suggestions are highly sought after here, please and thank you and stuff.

EDIT - forgot to state that he’s currently OP 7

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