DeputyChuck's Gunzerking management class

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While I’m not an expert, I’ll give you my 2 cents. :smiley:

For raiding/farming, I like to use this build with a Monk/Raider COM (+6 Money Shot) and an empty shield. Main drawback will be the ammo consumption, Interfacer and all this fire rate will chew up your ammo specially during longer fight. But if you are lucky enough, you will be able to get some Money Shot chain if Inconceivable kicks in at the right moment.

If you can’t get a kill to trigger Lay Waste I suggest you to move those points into Divergent Likeness or All I Need Is One, it depends what you prefer, more accuracy or more dps.

For the gear, even if it’s not mandatory, I would highly recommend to put your hands on a Lady Fist. A Trespasser will make your life easier if you want to fight Pyro Pete and Vorac. A good slagging tool, like the Magic Missile, or a Bonny can help you for slagging more consistently. On another hand a Chain Lighting is super helpful to regain his life in a blink.

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Maybe I should have listed more of what’s in the pack to begin with…I was trying to focus on what I thought would be specific to the request, so possibly oops on that part.

I have a Trespasser and a non-elemental Lady Fist on him…I didn’t list them specifically 'cause the TP is only for Pete’s helmet and I thought that was a bit too specialized to mention as general gear, and I intended to do a Hyperion shotguns & Rubi setup from the start (I had a vague idea of what I thought of as the Crit-zerker build and exploit the Hyperion accuracy as much as possible) and so I avoid pistols in general, aside from the Rubi obviously.

I’ve had good luck overall with the Rubi for slag, but there’s a slag singularity in the pack as well as a backup. The ammo concerns are helped a bit with the relic’s ammo boost…I have run low at times in an extended Interfacer fight, but it’s not too often. That said, it’s a valid point for sure.

Your build looks interesting…I’ll do a respec into it this weekend and see how it works for me.

And a sincere thank you for all of your input…I appreciate it.

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Im sorry for bumping an old topic, but im desperate to find help with my unforgiven salvador build. Is it worth it to go brawn tree and use the lady fist offhand? or do i use moxxi weapons? What do you think of offhanding the rex?


You might need to be slightly more specific. Not sure what your build is currently or what you want to do.

  • Do you intend, or do you prefer, to go strictly Jakobs?

    • You can, with an investment into Brawn and slag betties, transfusions or Magic Missiles.
  • Do you intend to use the Unforgiven and/or Rex as your main gun(s)?

    • Then a Sheriff’s Badge and a Chaotic Monk COM will boost the fire rate ; Bubblegum will work to increase fire rate (with a Rough Rider) - but it doesn’t seem to stack with the Monk COM. The Rex has a much slower fire rate and a much lower crit modifier - so go Unforgiven.

You don’t need to use the Lady Fist but it might be nice for tougher enemies. You can do a variation on the standard Deputy loadout :

Slot 1 : Unforgiven
Slot 2 : Unforgiven
Slot 3 : empty
Slot 4 : Lady Fist

Build to go with a blue Chaotic Evil Monk COM (with Sexy T and Asbestos) : I took Divergent Likeness instead of Money Shot as pistols don’t get enough from M$.

Or this to go with a Leg Berserker and a Rough Rider.

Millionth edit : Trick Shot Unforgivens are my preferred as they get the fire rate up noticeably. And a Jakobs allegiance relic (with recoil reduction and recoil recovery) is far more useful than a Sheriff’s Badge.

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Wow, an entire build in such a short time? this forum is great :). I will start using this and let you know if I come up with any improvements. My sal is only lvl 56, so i cant get the unforgiven for awhile unless you want to dupe me some (that’s also my highest level character.)
And yeah, I did mean unforgiven as main weapon.

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Jefe covered most of it, but I want to point out that you should give the Renegade COM a try as well :slight_smile:
Flat damage bonus for Salvador are rare

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So question, I’m coming up on the completion of TVHM with Hoarder Salvador. I’m pondering shields for L50, deciding between a Sham and The Rough Rider. What do any of you guys suggest?

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Personally I always go for health stacking with Sal - so of the two, the Rough Rider.
However, for lower levels I prefer adaptives , especially the Neo.
Once I get enough points in Brawn, I find his passive health regen is good and I like the “always-on” damage reduction of the RR.

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Health is always good, but the sham is a special case since it will remain relevant long after it has become underleveled.

Since the bit in UVHM from level 50 to about 60 is one of the hardest in the game (especially for a gear-dependent character like Sal) it makes sense to go for it rather than having to go with something else after a few levels.


So both then :wink:

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Both is good

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Once you have reached max level thought, the RR is great with Hoarder builds.

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A hoarder setup to take advantage of the RR

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I think I would sacrifice a 5 pointed skill to get a Fistful of Hurt just because it can be tough to shoot some of the more aggressive (read: rabid skags) that get so intimate with your face. A bit of breathing room also makes it easier to aim at those damn pests…

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That’s a good advice indeed

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Good for close-range mobs who wanna rush, for sure. I like using it with the Iron Zerker especially against loaders who need a tall glass of GET THE F OUT MY FACE.

That said, I didn’t actually sacrifice a 5/5 for Fistful. Bleed and Bus are max because no class mod in the vanilla game boosts either.

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I’m looking for some advice on the build/Loadout I have planned, I recently got up to 72 so I haven’t farmed for much, but my skills are

I have a grog to use in the offhand, and plan to have an Ogre and Shock CC for my main hand weapons. I am currently farming with a not great lvl 66 CC that I got off a loot midget (Magazine prefix, bandit grip, no element).

For a Shield I am still using a lvl 50 RR, I came to realize quickly that when my CC is reloading is about the only time I can go down.
I have both a lvl 55 stormfront that when doubled up still destroys almost anything, and a lvl 66 Quasar.
I plan to get a Legendary Hoarder COM, but currently have a Blue Loaded Hoarder (+5 5 shots or 6).
The slot I don’t know what I really want for is my relic, right now I have a Blood of the Ancients on, but I don’t know how much I need the health boost, and the stockpile is doing nothing right now (guess I will have to see how quickly I burn through ammo with the ogre).

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I think Chuck’s away atm, so I’ll attempt a response (I play with a Brawn build).

Money Shot won’t do much for an Ogre but it sure will for a CC. That said, All out of Bubblegum would be great since you’re using a Rough RIder. Sljm’s build is pretty close to yours :

The Blood is a great choice - especially with a RR - I’d personally stick with it. Health stacking is always good, but if you don’t have any health issues then go with a Bone or an elemental relic.

I’d probably update your shield. Easy enough to restart Hammerlock’s DLC or farm a Neo from Spycho ( or an Evo from Hyp if you’re so inclined ).

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I actually started with a build that went into Brawn for Out of Bubblegum instead of KIPH, Maxed Lay Waste, and NKLO, but as soon as I switched to the skills I have now I started killing things a lot faster. I wish I could put the points from Divergent Likeness into something else, but even with lower mag size guns I can go long periods without reloading so money shot is not great, and the tier 2 options are both useless for me.

I am really a big fan of 5 shots or 6, it isn’t only for the ammo regen, but the fact that with the COM boosting it to 10 it basically doubles my mag size while active, which makes Money Shot even less likely to happen, I have gone 20+ seconds without reloading my CC while gunzerking, and that is at full fire rate from Lay Waste and Keep Firing.

I probably will upgrade my RR eventually, I am playing with friends so I wait for them to complete any quests and we haven’t done DLC3 yet on UVHM, but I love how it works with Inconceivable.

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5so6 is the main reason to use the hoarder com. With 10/5, you get theoretical infinite magazine.

Stockpile relic will be useless. The problem you might face is a lack of pure DPS when faced with bosses where you won’t be able to activate kill skills.

I generally run either bone or blood of the ancient with Hoarder. Bone to increase damage and blood for the health. Nothing really stands out as an obvious choice for a hoarder build.

Don’t worry about the ogre ammo… You will never run out :grin:

Update that RR as soon as you can. The damage reduction is the same, but the extra health is useful too.

As for your build itself, personally, I don’t like the bottom of the Gunlust tree on a hoarder build: NKLO isn’t as good when you do a lot of small shots as opposed to a single big one.

You could get away with a single point in lay waste to get the bonus and move the 10 points to Brawn. Fttb only really needs 1 point to get the bonus. All in the reflex isn’t that great either since the goal is to never run out, you could move those points to brawn as well and pick up OoBG to really lay it down. The points in incite will replace all in the reflex easily, the Extra health from hard to kill and Agttb will keep you alive longer as well.

I might come back to edit this when I have a real keyboard, but in the meantime, try this out :slightly_smiling_face: