Derogatory Remarks

The chance of this post being far too late is quite high, but I still want to throw it out there in the unlikely case they bring the VAs back for a wave 2.

I really want Mellka to mock others ult lines when killing them. Now that each character has a defined ult line that we’ve all grown to hate, I say we use that dark period to add something to Mell. When she kills someone, she should mock their ult line

For example:
Mellka killing Orendi
Mellka: laughs “I get the joke now! It’s funny because you’re dead!”

Killing Kleese
"I’m not much for math, but I think old fart + scary monster claw = early retirement."

Etc. My ideas were just the best a distracted me could think of, but hopefully gave you the gist.

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To make you feel better they add some battle chatter to the characters while they have time with the voice actors in the ops, and they said they would try adding more after all operations are out

When was this ?

I asked in a thread before, I think to jythri, let me find it

@Vicks_Toire here you go

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“I hear the bell for uh… you’re uhh… stupid! Yeah!”

“Murder party? I’m in!”

“No, I’m helping!”

“I don’t think Boldur enjoyed that.”

“Gee, sure looks like the end, huh?”

“Hey! No time outs!” (Galilea’s “I need but a moment”)

“Fair warning: flee for your life, Marquis!”

“Light who up, exactly?” (WF)

“Oh it is on, Ghalt!”

“Gather 'round so I can get a Pentakill, dammit!”

“Chaos does reign, but it’s like as in rain rain. Because I totally blew you up and it’s… raining bits of you. God damn it, forget it. It’s a ■■■■■■ joke, I get it, fine! …jerkoffs.”

“Oh, you better believe I’m watching closely Deande.”


Mellka killing Beatrix: Should have bought the green stuff from me Beatch :smile: