Derusting my old pre-Flynt UVHM Gaige and I don't know what I'm doing

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So I picked off my old Gaige that I stopped using god knows when, I’m not entirely sure what I was trying to run with her if anything at all but I remember buying the UVHM dlc later so at the point I had done tons of stuff on TVHM and overleveled a bit. So I was going into UVHM with things like Hide of the Terramorphous, Conference Call, etc and I got stomped like normal.

I rebuilt a bit my gear so it looked like this

-lvl 50 Redundant Fibber (Shock)
-lvl 50 Scalable Development (Slag)
-lvl 50 Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch (Fire)/ lvl 57 murduerer’s Tinderbox (Fire) (can’t use this one yet)
-lvl 53 Tactical Hornet (Corrosive)/ lvl 54 Barking Rakehell (Fire)

-lvl 53 Blaster Explosive Nova Shield
-lvl 50 Stern Roboteer Mod
-lvl 54 Lobbed Bonus Package
-lvl 50 Tenacity Relic

Current build:

It seems that my gear is a standard slag then use fire or corrosive depending on the situation and use the fibber to get rid of shields (very much needed i tell you), nothing really special or that dependant on Gaige.

My build seems to be geared to both Anarchy and using Deathtrap to its fullest but im not sure if the build is good or something I did it like half a year ago

The big issue is that, I don’t know if it’s normal, but I’m having a real hard time, I barely have any resistance because my weapons force me to get very close to my enemies which most of them are either shielded so i have to take out the fibber first or I have to take my time to first slag them then use the good touch which doesnt dps fast enough for me to avoid FFYL situations.

I literally had to cheese Flynt with the bonus package outside the ship to have a chance at killing him because I was getting slaughtered by him and his minions, I must be doing something very wrong but I’m not sure what and if I don’t do something I’m sure the dps issue is going to get even worse (I died to a group of 3 shielded scavengers 3 times in a row lol)

Thanks for any help

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Level 54 in UVHM with level 50 gear, you really will have a bad time, try to stack some anarchy if you can before enemy encounter to get you on equal footing with the enemy.

What I can recommend to you is this,
-get a good high percentage slag gun (a low level rubi, pimpernel or slagga or florentine will do)
-don’t rely to much on more pep and 20% cooler, their boost is additive and way to low (unless you have a com that boost it).
-Try to get on level guns farm tinder, boll and savage lee or sanctuary loot chest.

If you like DT, here is my DT playstyle.

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Nope! Others will give you helpful advices but I can tell you that.
He is a real pain for anyone new to UVHM. Welcome to the club! lol

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I guess back in TVHM I didn’t expect the scalation from 50 to 54-55 to be SO steep I guess? But yeah most of my lvl 50 stuff just doesnt do enough damage.

U mean going back to NVHM and trying to get one of those guns? Do the level affect the slag chance?

About ur DT gameplay, it seems like we have it specced completely different, but seeing that I don’t even know where I’m going with this build, making him a slag support wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

So the question would be where to take points from to make it like that, I also know how Anarchy/Blood Soaked Shields etc build works but I rarely find myself consciously using Discord (I ignore if its very useful) and I suck at keeping anarchy stacks (I’d say 80% of the time I have around 10 and sometimes 20,30 or even 40)

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nope. only the damage, the slagga I used in the gameplay above is Level 19, the Harold is Level 52 and the Rubi is Level 20, I also used a Level 50 Hide of Terra.

If you like DT, since you cannot get 2 capstones yet you can go with anarchy or without, (i did go w/o anarchy and only get it when I am 58).

Here is my recommended build if you go with anarchy. Try to get Make It Sparkle next.

Here is w/o anarchy -

and DT is amazing, don’t believe others who says he isn’t, there is a secret to make DT great, check this out.

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Well I believe you when you say DT is amazing, without him I’m useless in battle (because he attracts the aggro) and has given me great clutch Second Winds

I’ll check out those links and do some farming and rebuilding tomorrow, thanks!

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The build you posted in the OP is what I was working with when I started UVHM, except I had a point in Upshot Robot (a necessity for DT utility). Take a point from MoSS to get Upshot Robot and you should be in a decent place. If you’re not averse to the idea, try to get a level 50 Black Hole from Jasper the foreman in Opportunity. That’ll turn DT into a mobile Quasar and might help keep the battle field under control a bit better for you. Also, consider packing a slag nade (bouncing betty, slag transfusion) to help paint the field purple. You might not use it much, or at all, but there are times when you’ll be glad you’ve got it. Other than that, you’re not in a bad place. Flynt breaks everyone’s stones in UVHM. Keep plugging away, more levels equals more skill points equals more betterer.

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The former is extremely useful. I tend to forget it way too often myself. Not so much anymore. The latter you will have to learn. It’s base to most Gaige’s build… and needed if you want to beneficiate from discord. At the very least the skill help you keep your stacks going when you accidently reload.

And that. :point_up_2: 55-65 is around the hardest spot.

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You’d say a slag nade is going to be more useful than a Bonus Package that directly kills everything? I’m kinda skeptical because I couldn’t have made it past Flynt without it idk

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I too was skeptical about slag nades when you could rock high explosives. But a slag bouncing betty will slag a lot of targets across a rather wide area, and keep larger targets that wash slag off slagged for longer. If you slag an entire mob this way and then send DT off into the middle of it the enemies won’t stay on their feet very long. Also, if you’re playing solo you could fire off a slag nade and switch to your Bonus Package. Also, this is reflective of my experience and playstyle. You may or may not benefit the same way I do from these tactics. If you’re struggling it never hurts to try something different. I didn’t touch slag nades until I was in UVHM, but now all of my toons keep one in the bavk pack just in case. They’re not the only slag delivery method I use, but it doesn’t hurt to have oprions. Gaige doesn’t have any weapon swap speed buffs, so sometimes it’s just easier to toss a nade or two.

Re: Flynt. In UVHM I tossed Magic Missiles at him and summoned DT with him in the crosshairs while I used a coach gun with moderate anarchy to clear the riff raff and eventually land the killing blow. It’s a fight I always dread, and it usually costs at least two respawns. He’s a huge PITA. I’ve jumped off the side and climbed back up to take potshots from over by the vendor.

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I’ve checked and now I’m wondering if I should try to farm the Magic Missiles… I could try on UVHM but I suspect im going to get destroyed and TVHM with the level cap, I don’t know if they’ll be that useful

Maybe I’ll just settle for a Slag nade or a Singularity Slag if im lucky lol

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i used a level 35 Magic Missile and it’s awesome, and it regenerates grenades. Good for mobbing. :wink::wink:

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As Nat said, Magic Missiles (and all of the Tiny Tina grenades) regen grenades over time, which makes them good things to keep around. Singularity grenades are awesome, but the slag version doesn’t slag well. My favorite version is usually shock. The shock flavor will strip shields. Try them and see for yourself.

Also, what platform are you on? If you’re on PS3 I’ve got a low level (level is irrelevant for slag chance and nade regen) magic missile I could give you.

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wow that is a really terrible build…

sorry yeah just my opinion, sorry to be blunt!

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Instead of saying it’s terrible you could always post tips for improvements. I think it’s a pretty good build.

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Level 54 eh? Optimum lvl54 Gaige imo is something like

Then again, like I said, it’s IMO and ppl play differently

Looks like OP may like to rely on DeathTrap to alot of heavy fighting when he plays (which I do not) so maybe his build is best for him

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Your skill build is very inefficient. It might work out for you, but it generally is better to not throw one or two random point into random skills because you will barely notice any differences, if at all. A build does not consist of random points at every skill you might like, it has a thought process behind it, depending on your playstyle, your weapons, shields, action skill and much more.

And if you say the OP has a different style of play than you do, why do you say it’s a terrible build? It’s better to not say anything at all at that point.

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The 1 points I threw into left hand side skills I planned to add to when gaining further levels. I’m not sure I’d agree with you about 1 or 2 points not being worth it anyway.

Also, I did say it was a terrible build in my opinion. In my opinion?

Wake up on the wrong side of bed today?

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Nope. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Simply not the kind of post we’re used to here.
If you comment a build, or anything, its terrible. You back it up and offer some (kind) insight and end it with a smiling icon! :wink:
As for the “not maxing skills” thing. The Mechro is the one I did so but on different skills.
Tiny Tata’s

Back on topic. I wouldn’t farm for a low level Magic Missiles or slag grenades right now. If you had one available great but there’s more fun to have and more “pressing matters” gear wise.

Leg Mechro COM, Splitter, Coach Gun, Florentine, Antagonist, Schock Crossfire, Explosive Relic.
Backpack: Kerblaster, Corrosive PC and a shock Lyuda.
Torgue’s dlc is more where I would go. You’ll find a decent slag grenade and there’s always Tinder Snowflake. Shock Singularity might even be a better find. You’ll find slagging tools. They don’t need to be the best either. Just need to be good at slagging.
Playing with a low stack count is required for the Kerblaster and there’s one available with Midgemong for you.

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I think you would do better if you put some points into the shield buffs… not sure what shield you are using but it might have something to do with your lack of “survivability”. I would use the points (4 I think) you have on the melee skills and put in fancy mathematics (I think that is what it is called)… good luck