Describe We Happy Few to Friends

(Gunfart) #1

My friend asks me, “What’s the game like?”
Imagine if Alan Moore had started a game, was subsequently fired and the publisher hired The creator of Wallace and Gromit to finish it. Yeah sort of like that. Dystopian and goofy.

(Gunfart) #2

Is it just me or does this feel like a Rare title to anyone else?

(mrh14941) #3

I would describe it as a dystopia of drugged out civilians and you are a fugitive that doesn’t agree with the leaders drug enforcement, so you try to escape the country.

(TX383) #4

I like F/S PS games. I do not give one whit about bashing folks with pipe wrenches and improvised weapons. Really don’t like it.

(mrh14941) #5

So you don’t like We Happy Few? If so why are you here?

(atmos86) #6

Must be a downer.

offers joy