Desert carrier WIP

Well, someone has to start…
DK is almost here, so I began working on something for it, Let’s just hope that it will be MODDER friendly.


by JkBerna
on Sketchfab


Lookin’ good!

Yeah, that looks great!

You began? That looks finished!

…Apart from the mirrored texture that means it has backwards writing on the top abd one side of course. :smiley:

But yeah, very cool.

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Yeah, I know, this is just Wip until the game comes out and I figure out what to do with it.


a question about physics:

in the developers diary they show us how every wheel of the baserunner is going to be simulated. so if someone doing a mod with own buggies or like 12 wheels, is it going to be more difficult or you just create it, klick on it say it is a wheel, the whole truck has 700 tons and the rest makes the engine?

Well I know the BBI team is super modder friendly and from what I’ve read the game wont be modder unfriendly but it doesn’t exactly come with a toolkit out of the box. Still, that hasn’t stopped any modder worth his salt before :wink:

Seriously though, this engine just screms Dune mod, I’m just saying :innocent:

Dune mod - great!
or star wars mod, a physic based AT-ST in tatooine !!!

what i really like about this game is the scale of the world and the vehicles - could be really a solid base for so many mods!

it’s too tall, a failure in space and weight management. those wheels aren’t going to be able to support that without subsidence or sinking right into the sand. better go for tracks.

a smaller vehicle it might work well. perhaps a nabaal version of the baserunner.