Deserts of Kharak in Fleet Fest speedrunning marathon!

(theoblivinator) #1

I submitted Deserts of Kharak to the Fleet Fest speedrunning marathon a few months ago and it was accepted! Now that the schedule for the marathon is about 99% confirmed I’m going to share it. Check it out at this link:

The schedule auto-detects your timezone and adjusts accordingly. I’m in Central Timezone so I’ll be playing as the last run for March 22 around 11:55pm, quite late in the night. Hopefully word gets out there and some folks are able to watch live if they want. Otherwise I’ll definitely have a replay on my Youtube channel after the marathon. The twitch channel this marathon will take place on is here:

I also believe that the host for the marathon will be accepting donations for a local charity. If I find out more information about that I’ll edit this post.

That is all folks!

(theoblivinator) #2

Here is a replay with the Twitch Chat included of my run during the Fleet Fest marathon. Unfortunately the quality of the restream was limited to 480p, issues with bitrate on the marathons end (I streamed at my normal quality 720p 60fps. Thanks again for anyone who watched live, it was a lot of fun.

The marathon itself raised $435 for the Bellingham Food Bank in WA.and there was a winner for the steam key of Deserts of Kharak during the run!