Design Flaw {nekrotafeyo}

So I’m playing the Homeopathological side mission on nekrotafeyo, as Fl4k, and tern is shooting me for some trust exercise thing and i’m either supposed to kill him or not hurt him at all, i wanted to just let him down me, but my pet automatically attacked him, meaning he aggro’d onto me and changed the side mission objective.
Is this intended or is it a genuine flaw?
I have no way to revert a save or anything, and i’m not going to play through the entire thing again for that small mission, but i’m just curious if its meant to happen or the game was bugged.


i cant help with your question, but i do wonder what is the reward for killing him? i already did the mission by trusting him (as zane) so tell me whether you wanna know the reward or keep the surprise.

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That sort’ve happened to me as well. But instead I had a legendary shield on that passively damages enemies with radiation so I angered the bot instantly. Is there an extra reward for not killing him?

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There is a gun you get for not killing him that is interesting to say the least. I would have thought there would be a reward for killing him as well.

had the same problem, with my shield dealing damage to him

really disappointed by that to be honest, even if its just a “small side mission”

On a similar note, FL4K here, I tried letting him down me. He did successfully, but then my pet revived me and he stopped shooting me. Now I’m locked in progression because even shooting him doesn’t do anything.


I have max health regen with Zane and been standing there for 5 minutes to down me but the bot misses enough.

Hi guys, to make sure you do not hurt him as Fl4k respec and do not spend the points.

Fast travel back and get to his base and remove any shield / relic you have equiped incase of any retaliation effects.

This should guarantee you don’t hurt him. Hope this helps someone out good luck and have fun all :sunglasses:

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Hi Silver,

Do you have any friends that play the game buddy? if so and they not done the quest yet you can complete it in their game.

If no friends that play hopefully a friendly random will do it if you join a lobby, good luck.

Bugs are a pain but to be expected early doors unfortunately.

I have the same problem, but different reasons. I have jabber with talent “Lick the wounds”. And he revives me. After this Tern stops shooting and not respond. I’m trying to interact with him and accidentally hit him with a melee weapon, now I need to kill him. =(

I simply crawled away when my pet tried to revive me, no problem there.^^

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I had the same problem with amara, she has homeing elemental spheres that she auto fires at any attacking enemies so the same thing happened to me

I’ve got you all beat: I didnt even have a build that attacked him, I was just standing a little too close when he attacked, and he hit himself with his own splash damage. What a stupid quest. Can anyone tell me what the gun is like, since I’ll never see it?

ok so the quest isn’t bugged. The robot becomes hostile, and you’re supposed to die. The gag is that even when violence is targeted at you, you in turn don’t resort to it your self. That’s why the Fl4k animals attack, as well AOE shield damage hurts him. As for the gun It’s the same either way. So If you want to complete the quest without killing the robot just let him down you.

I did run into a bug they might’ve fixed by now.

My pet didn’t attack him, but it did automatically try to revive me which glitched out the mission. I had to die, go back to him, get downed again, and then move around to stop my pet from actually raising me to complete the mission as FL4K.

My problem is different. Playing as Amara without any skills that would intefere with the quest.

I made the bot kill himself with his splash damage from his rockets…but it doesnt register it as either violent or non-violet method and after the bot is dead…nothing happens. The quest doesnt update and I have to reload the game and try this method again (I did it twice - both times I got the same result).