Design flaws as I see them

This game has potential and is trying to do something interesting, which intrigues me, however crudely it imports features from other games. There are several design choices which, in my opinion, make the gameplay worse. Here’s the overview.

Disclaimer - everything I say is from the perspective of a moba veteran who thinks about comps, abusing skills, and such. I understand it’s a work in progress, and that’s why I decided to give my input. The flaws I include here will probably have little effect on those simply enjoying the game. But if you play to win - the game at its current state may become boring.

Menus (minor issues):
Choosing a character shouldn’t make it impossible to pick another. There should be a lock in function in case someone else chose a character that breaks up the composition and he/I want to change characters to save it.
Loadouts - each loadout should state what stats are given in champion selection.
I understand that this is an fps, but most of the characters feel incomplete - Benedict or the girl with the demon, for example. Both of them feel incomplete. They have something that either brings them to the enemy or the enemy to them, but that’s about it. The demon girl has an atrocious kit. Her F ability does not synergize with the rest at all, and her Q is worthless unless you want to deal some extra damage, which is redundant most of the time since you’d be cancelling auto attacks. While her Q can be easily fixed by allowing her to move at normal speed during the cast, I personally could not find any use for F.
But while demon girl can at least do some damage, Benedict is downright worthless. I understand he’s supposed ti be a spammer working similarly to Pharoah - or however she’s called in Overwatch. The problem is in the size of the maps, however - Overwatch has relatively small distances one can shoot through, and even then, Pharaoh’s rockets are much faster than Benedict’s and she reloads all rockets at once. The choice to have his Q be a skillshot, rather than guided missile, is also baffling - the regular rockets are extremely hard to hit because of the varied terrain and sheer distance from which you spam, and landing a 10 sec? Q with the same speed is, well at least hard.

The problems with characters are as follows: as i mentioned above, their kits feel incomplete, which I’d personally like repaired by not only tweaking the existing abilities, but also adding a fourth one. On top of that, there’s the skill synergy - there is a handful of characters with good skill synergy (from what I’ve seen, these are Galilea - who I think is the strongest character as of now - Miko, Ambra, Reyna, and most likely a few others - I didn’t have time to test them out as much as I’d like). If the game launched in this state, the champions with the best synergies would instantly be the most overpowered ones, and the rest rendered more or less useless. I mentioned 4, but let’s say there’s 10 characters with good synergy - that gives 2 rotations for each team (in theory, of course), and it’s less than half of all characters. A game being stagnant straight out of launch is kind of off-putting.

Aim Assist:
I’m not against it, but it should be turned off for channeling abilities (Ambra’s left click or Miko’s right click), since it disorients you. On several occasions I went somewhere I didn’t want to because the person I was healing jumped around and my crosshair stayed on them.

There should be no collision with allies, neither the minions, nor the players. Example: I’m Montana and I’m at one of the chokepoints. I get chunked and I want to turn around and use my Q to get to safety. Unfortunately, my minions came up behind me and blocked my way, so I die miserably. Similar can happen when there’s a Miko healing me from 3 steps behind me - I can’t see him because of the perspective. I understand that the devs tried to recreate moba’s additional layer of strategy - playing around minion waves and using them to dodge skillshots - but that only works when you have a good view of your surroundings (which you don’t in an fps) and when there’s a lot of space (which there isn’t, at least on Overgrowth, where 1 minion wave can block off the entire checkpoint, and if you went out to the middle before they got there - you’re screwed).

It also might be a good idea (I’m not actually sure) to hve friendly fire completely off - the bullets could pass through allies instead of being blocked by their bodies. It’d definitely help in a situation where you have a melee fighter standing between you and an assassing that wants to kill you and you cant do anything because your tank covers the enemy whole. That’s up for debate, though, I don’t actually know if it’d be better that way - but I do believe that shots should go through your own minions.

From what I’ve seen, Meltdown has no glaring flaws, which is very nice. Overgrowth isn’t very good at all, however.
First of all - there are no anti-snowball measures. Whoever is able to control the middle thrall camp, wins (unless they misplay horribly, of course, but let’s consider we have two teams of equal skill). There is no real way for the losing team to come back - the enemies get to move forward and damage their sentry, and if they kill the first one, the losing team is basically done. The opponents get additional resources, while they get less, and there’s no way to come back. I don’t have an instant solution to this, but it’d be good to add more objectives, especially ones that the losing team can get to. Which brings me to the next point.
The Overgrowth map is too small. Earlier, I mentioned robots being able to block chokepoints - one of the ways to remedy that is making it larger. Everything seems crumped together on Overgrowth, and it just doesn’t feel right - there isn’t much space to maneuver or do anything, really. I’d suggest adding 2 more neutral camps (with some creature other than a thrall, a weaker one, perhaps) to the opposite side of the middle thrall camp, but in a way that they are interconnected (for exampe, each team can enter them through the tunnel in each base, and both camps are connected to each other as well, so someone has to be posted there). I’d like to see more options, and more space, so I can avoid tripping over those bloody robots all the time.

Quick Melee:
I really like this feature, but the animation should be shorter (it is supposed to be quick, afterall), and it’d be nice if it cancelled current animation smoothly (for example, if I’m reloading, and I melee at the end of my reload, just count reload as finished if I do it late enough).

That’s pretty much all. Doubt anyone’s going to read through it all, but I think the game has potential, so I made an account to post this one topic. Hope the game does well and the devs are able to tweak it just right.

This is so bad playing as whisky foxtrot. So many times I’m mid/late reload and need to shoot off a scrap cannon shot or melee strike while under pressure, only to die while the long reload animation starts all over again. That, and tactical reloads can’t be interrupted. You can’t shoot your remaining bullets mid reload animation. That might be on me as the player, but it’s a habit picked up from years of borderlands which allows you to interrupt the reload animation and continue firing