Design Your Own Battleborn T-Shirt

So… I think this is a fun idea…
If you could design your own Battleborn T-shirt…

  1. What image would you have on it? (No image is an option)
  2. What caption would you have on it? (No caption is an option)
  3. Optional… design a basic template for it and post it here.
  4. Show everybody your favorite designs by liking your favorite ideas.

(Please note… I am NOT makin’ this post out of jealousy or out of some subconscious wish to be part of the team just because I’m stuck on Ekkunar babysitting some endangered bird’s nest while everybody else is back on Nova enjoyin’ Toby’s stupid craft and activity parties.)


but benny, youre already on my favourite bb tshirt:

on topic:
i need a caldarius shirt. the pre launch one my friend has is cool, but needs moar…caldarius than just a little image


Cough cough*…

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