Design your own Skin - the complete Fanmade Skin design Section

Alright, so, I had the idea to post this a while ago. Here’s a thread where everyone can post ideas and art for Skins for existing Battleborn. They can be interesting recolors, or model changes, references to other games and media, puns, or anything like that. Everything’s fair game as long as it isn’t explicit, I’d imagine.

I’ll start by posting 9 Skins based on Team Fortress 2. Wouldn’t it be neat if these were PC-exclusive bonuses.

##Force and Nature
Scout Skin for Shayne

##Crocket Eagle
Soldier Skin for Benedict

##It’s Pyro Foxtrot!
Pyro Skin for Whiskey Foxtrot

##Bluish-White Collar
Engie Skin for Kleese

##Si-Bear-ian Husky
Heavy Skin for Montana

##Glasgow Rock
Demoman Skin for Boldur

Medic Skin for Ambra

Sniper Skin for Thorn

Spy Skin for El Dragon

…and that’s all of mine. Let’s hope more people submit their glorious ideas, (and hope that this thread isn’t violating any rules.)
otherwise this’ll just be my personal dumping ground, and that would be sad.

Anyway, this is all for fun, so go nuts, Amigos.


How 'bout some more I whipped up.

Gundam Skin for Caldarius

##Prince of all Jennerit
Vegeta Skin for Rath


I like them. I just wish i could draw. I woukd do super heros. Falcon on Benidect. Captian Amirica on galila. Flash on El Dragon.
Great job though. :smile:

Welllllllllllllll, If you want, I could take a crack at it. Can’t guarantee when I’d finish 'em, though.

Only if you want to. It was more of an idea that you can go with, more than anything.

Damn!! Did you draw those? That’s epic bro!

Shayne’s sarashi makes me think she’d do well in a JoJo-esque banchou outfit. You know, a longcoat with wide sleeves and a komissar kap? Or a Sengoku samurai getup.

Montana needs a plaid shirt, badly.

Deande wearing a sneaking suit would go well with all the other Metal Gear puns the game already has.

Lemme try drawing some of those…

Alright, another round.

##El Destello
Flash Skin for El Dragon

##「Star and Platinum」
Jotaro Skin for Shayne

I absolutely love the Vegeta skin for Rath. First time I booted up the game with a friend we both noticed it was his voice right away!

(Also love the Super Saiyan taunt for Reyna though I don’t use her.)


the jotaro skin is perfect for S&A! :smiley:

I always thought that Marquis would look awesome in a sea admirals attire.

And my brother and I thought that having Montana as Brock, Kleese as Dr. Venture, OM as Dean, WF as Hank, and El Dragon as Phantom Limb would be funny. Oh and Rath as The Monarch.

Oh, I hadn’t noticed this one! I’ve posted this picture before but I guess I could post it again to get some life back into this thread, I’d love to see some more skin ideas from people!

I’ll also link this very cool Jellyfish Pheobe skin by @Nema here! :slight_smile:

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I found this skin by @thefunfighter
Looks really cool.