Designated loot drop rates have fallen since dlc4 release

I’ve seen anecdotal evidence admittedly but I am wondering if anyone can share their experiences regarding loot drops in general since dlc4 patch.

In the past id get a plaguebearer every few runs. Now its one per gaming session.

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Can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference but my luck is routinely well below average of the supposed probability.

no convergence drops from dr. benedict.

I have been trying to get a CH critical and I see them about as often as it says it will drop(1/10 I think?)

The issue is more the drop rates in general I think.

I have been running tink of the cunning there use to be lots of legendary’s now there is only one or two when mobbing but the tink at the drops his loot all the time.And this roaddog guy is supposed to drop the hellwalker farmed him over 5 hours today not one hellwalker droped this guy is bugged for sure.

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They just need to give us the blessed drop rates from that week long event all the time. If they can just switch it on and off there’s no reason they shouldn’t just switch it on and leave it on. Save quitting is beyond a pain on consoles.


Haven’t tried myself yet, but maybe loading the game before the hotfix might increase the droprates?

We know that they can adjust drop rates at will, so it must be a design choice to have such pitifully low amounts, maybe they do it to keep people playing longer, who knows.
Well as a fellow console user who would like to re-farm some of my gear at lvl65, no fricking way, I would rather stick a fork in my eye than sit through endless loading screens for hours for no rewards.
In fact it does make me play for longer, but I am playing other games for longer. Having top level gear would be nice but it really is not worth the time dump to achieve it.


The drop rates are what they are because every blooming Legendary drop rate event we’re inundated with threads that complain that Legendaries are too common.

This is a no-win proposal for Gearbox. Something like rerolling Anointments would go over a lot better.

The drop rates are the same as in other DLCs or base game. Not guaranteed com drops, but weapons and shields are dropping with normal rates.

Moxsy did a test and it seems legit for me. Had nearly the same drops although not nearly as many kills on her. For 500 runs on consoles with only 1 minute of loading screen it would take us 500min = 8,33h = 8:20h! The average loading time on console is about 1:15min btw…


The Problem is the amount of anointments. Lets say you want only 100% cryo on the Promt Critical with 4 pellets… 0,00902% chance to find one under all 77 Promt Criticals he found.

If we let the anointments out the following calculation of chances appers:
4,4 x 0,41 x 1/5 = 0,3608

And just to show how much the chances are lowered because of all the anointments:
0,3608 = 100% |:0,3608
1 = 277% |x 0,00902
0,00902 = 2,49854%

100 - 2,49854 = 97,5%!
With anointments the chances to get what you want in 500 kills is 97,5% lower!

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easy solution remove anointments everyone wins


Same with " roaddog guy " spend 1h never seen a Hellwalker , this game is just a waste of time seriously if you want something you trade or you cheat … They need to remove anoints and buff ALL the weapons in the game OR something to reroll anoints and buff/remove Anoints

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World drops at end game are too common. Dedicated drops are not. Having a chance at getting the correct parts / anoinment on every kill if you’re farming for a specific boss is a good thing without it taking approximately 10 kills to even get to see what you rolled this time.

This can be achieved without world drop legendaries practically raining from the sky where ever you go, as seen on that week where dedicated drops happened 100 %.

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It’s not you. Dedicated drop rates are abysmal. Gearbox doesn’t respect players time. I’m not a sweaty youtuber that can farm for 12 hours a day or have legendary godrolls mailed to them. I play on console. I don’t have the luxury of making my own legendaries with editing software, superfast loadtimes or file sharing. Make dedicated drops worth a players time. Respect our time. 100% dedicated drops or bust.


I doubt too many people would complain if Gearbox reduced world drops by 75% and increased dedicated drops by 500%.

I feel your pain farmed him 9 hours not one single hellwalker i dont think he drops it.

I’ve been killing Amach and Grawn about ~50 times each at M10 now since DLC 4 and i have been getting Unseen threat and Lunacy once per maybe 5-6 runs, so just like ususal i think. However, the thing i was actually after - Old God - did not drop a single time in approx. 100 runs :woozy_face:
It’s not a dedicated drop though but unless i had REALLY bad luck, that drop rate changed significantly.

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Same he drops greens and blues for me if he drops anything at all. Has this drop changed, does he drop the hellwalker?

100 runs on Amach? I’ll cringe with you on the poor luck and applaud your commitment especially since in my opinion Amach is a poster example of the disastrously poor balancing this game suffers from. All I can say is good luck and try not to burn yourself out.


Though to not get in trouble for going off topic: dedicated drops have always been pathetic it’s not new to the franchise. At this point I just assume disappointment whenever I go to farm. At least with world drops being so high it’s better than BL2 or TPS where you got several middle fingers of flat out nothing as you at least you have a chance at finding the diamond in the rough.