Designer's Cut: Moze Com [Possible Spoiler]

Any leaks or ideas about the new com? I tagged this as possible spoiler btw.

Probably something with incendiary damage :frowning:

I hope it’s a COM to remove Mayhem scaling from the game, would be nice

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I doubt it.

This is more probable than Mayhem scaling removal

My wild guess:

Whenever Iron Cub is active, Moze has a chance to activate all her kill skills. Additionally all her skills get 25% incendiary damage and status effect.

Com name: Seein Cub

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Iron cub periodically deploys mines perhaps. Or one that makes the back-mounted machine gun fire itself. Really looking forward to playing Moze again with her new tree and ammo regen,

This would be awesome :smiley:
For a non Blue tree build.
But Flare works with IC for Moze… so that’s fine too.

A com that turns cub into full IB. name: Glow up

I’d buy it
But I doubt it :frowning:

“Iron Troll” COM

Activating Iron cub cancels Mayhem scaling, all your equipped items are converted to Level 1 Mayhem 0.

Exploding barrels have their blast radius increased by 10 000 %. This can kill you from the other side of the map.

Firing a gun resets all skill points allocation.

Grenades now detonate instantly in your hands, before you can throw them.

Slide damage is improved by 500%, but you can’t run anymore.