Designer's Cut "Unavailable" on Epic Games Store

Like the titles says, the Designer’s Cut is “Unavailable” and won’t allow me to start the download for it.

Anyone else having this issue or know a fix/reason why it’s like this?


I think that’s because the patch that adds support for the DLC isn’t out yet. Honestly, I’m more bothered by the fact that it won’t even let me buy it. It’s not on the EGS for me and on the Borderlands webpage only the console versions are for sale.

Same for me… :frowning:

Same here: I was able to buy Season Pack 2 but it won’t download the patch.
(Germany, PC, Epic Store, Super Deluxe Edition)

This tweet says that the patch will be rolled out for all platforms until [wrong:5 am pt] [right: 12 pm pt] at the latest:

This will be in a little more than 5 hours.

No. The tweet was made at 5 am pt. It The patch will be rolled out BY 12 am pt which is in another 5 hours.

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Right. Of course. Meant the right thing (this is why I correctly said in about 5 hours) but wrote the wrong time. Dang it. The suspense!

PM, not am, true. I misspelled. That’s what I meant though and that’s still in about 5 hours.

DLC out on other platforms (Console + Steam) and people are already playing
It’s just EGS, like always :frowning:

That’s just par for the course. The people (like me) who were impatient enough to buy it on the inferior store continue to feel the consequences.
Mind you, it’s not big deal waiting a big longer, but it’s frustrating to see that waiting for the Steam release could’ve prevented these issues.

How were you able to buy Season Pass 2? It’s not even in the store for me… I’ve got the Super Deluxe Edition, too…

I searched for Borderlands 3 in the store, cklicked on it and scrolled down until I found Season Pass 2. There it was and I bought it.

Yo bois, it’s happening. I restarted the Epic store (for the 4th time or something today) and it’s now downloading the DLC.

There’s no Season Pass 2 for me in the list…

That’s strange. Are you in Germany, too?

What about this link?


Started downloading for me

Yeah, thanks… hope it doesn’t block me because it’s the wrong country…

It shouldn’t, Österreichischer link shouldn’t be an issue for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s happening! Have fun, folks!