Designer's Cut: What's included so far?

So there’s a thread on Director’s Cut but what about Designer’ Cut. So far what’s included in this DLC:

  • Mayhem 11
  • 4th skill trees
  • new coms
  • Arms Race mode
  • new anoinments
  • new set of bugs
  • new set of meta gear/weapons

Am I missing something? No campaign stuff?

Mayhem 11 is for everyone.


Ah right. It’s not part of DLC5.

:laughing: Almost missed it but lets be real it‘s probably true.


Yep and the content creation team is beta testing and putting in bug reports for us right now. So hopefully not as many bugs?

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Was also the case with every other DLC/update… wasn‘t much use for us “normal” people who have to still wait several weeks to even play it. After we paid for it that is.

Too salty? Maybe :laughing:

Actually they generally only got DLC a week early, or less. And they only get patch notes a few hours to a day before they drop. This time they have the new content 3 weeks ahead, so there’s time to fix the bigger issues. Hopefully that is.

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I would like to believe that having the dlc a few weeks prior to release will result in a working product but considering how long they worked on the actual game prior to release and the current state it is still in, don’t have alot of faith in GBX these days.

Think anyone that buys the upcoming dlc or season pass 2 will be the unpaid beta testers.


So are at least some of the bugs, I’d wager.


Well, assuming that just like in the first season, the season pass 2 will offer a better deal than buying the content separately, it’s not technically completely unpaid because in the end you’ve saved some money.

I mean, Season Pass 1 was 40€ and each of the DLCs was 15€, meaning that you ended up saving 20€ by buying the pass compared to buying the content packs separately.

If the Designer’s and Director’s Cut are both 15€ again, my guess is the season pass is gonna be 25€, thus not saving you quite as much but otherwise it might be too cheap to be worth it for GBX which is presumably why they’ve also thrown in some skins to sweeten the deal.

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Well as enticing as your theory is explaining how to save money somewhat, you still end up paying for something that we should all know by now is not going to be tested all that great based on the games release and the patch/hotfix/dlc rollouts.

Sorry but yes I have been completed jaded by GBX with BL3 if it isn’t apparent at this point. If you would of told me prior to September of last year that I would be passing on DLC for a Borderlands game I wouldn’t of believed you because I enjoyed the other entries very much and given GBX hiccups (Battleborn, Aliens Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem, etc) I still believed in them with the Borderlands franchise. Now days though, anything coming out of GBX will be met with skepticism.

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To be fair, Battleborn was actually a solid game that was just unfortunate enough to be dropped into a market where there was not all that much space and interest for it and I guess the marketing kind of failed it as well (I think I’ve only ever seen a Battleborn ad like once and that was basically the announce trailer).

As for me, I’ve been enjoying the game so far and I am reasonably optimistic that I will continue to enjoy any additional content that comes out this year and for people like me, the season pass is just a convenient way of saving some money.


I am glad that some are enjoying the game and honestly I would of as well if GBX chose maybe to hold off on the release and address issues that the game has. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that, at least customer wise. However this game was released in basically beta form and GBX has been playing catchup to fix things while also pumping out paid content so naturally the one that doesn’t make money took a back seat.

Would I like this game to turn around, sure I would because it does have potential but with the two biggest issues, at least for me, 1) Console instability and 2) Co Op splitscreen performance I can not get behind anything at this point, especially since it has been over a year now.