Designers's Cut should not show up in game if you do not own it

I not played for around about 6 months and come back to find on Sanctuary not only a big exclamation mark for designer’s cut, a poster which tells you to start it you need to buy it but also constant echo messages from Axton and Salvador telling you about it. I think this is a very cheeky way to push people to buy the DLC. These things should only show in game if the player has purchased them.


Yes, marketing. Just the bug you that you don’t own it. :frowning:

Wait till you start getting anointments for new skill trees :smiley:

The marker for DLC5 is exactly the same as it was for DLC1-4, the only difference is the added dialogue. The more annoying thing is, it plays everytime you start the game (or even every Sanctuary visit). It should be off after first time.

BTW. similar thing was with Events. Their quest was automatically started after first load of the game.


Well how else are they going to sucker you…oops I mean “entice” you to purchase the latest and greatest Fortnite/PUBG addition that nobody asked for in a Borderlands game.


it’s pretty lame to have that in the game if you don’t own it.
These comparisons to fortnite and pubg though, I don’t understand.
The only similar thing is the area closing in. That’s it.
It’s moxxis thunder dome with a bigger map and a time limit.
not a battle royale. even if they say it is, you are fighting npcs.

I guess my comparison comes from that yes, the area closes in and you start out with nothing. I will admit that I have not, nor will I purchase it but going by what the people that did on these forums and what I saw it certainly looks that way, albeit a little different. Just feel that it was a waste of resources after the initial season pass dlc to spend on something that nobody really wanted and instead could of been used to focus on fixing the core game.

And yes like others it is pretty sad that you have to deal with things from a DLC that you never purchased.


The thing I hate the most is that they used 2 loved characters to advertise the damn thing every time you visit Sanctuary. And I’m pretty sure that Axtron and Salvador would not speak like that if they were to invite us to anything. They now sound like insurance guys, allways watching, waiting for the moment we step foot inside Sanctuary.


Yep, seems I am not missing anything at all. I have not booted up the game since last summer when I finally had enough of playing console crash roulette with the game.

By the reception to the repeated quest dialogue in Sanctuary, arguably they’re not “sucking” or “enticing” you into anything. It’s just annoying players. Your assumption of their motive doesn’t match up. Like GrzesPL said, this is just how the DLCs have worked to date.

And besides, cool it on the “nobody asked”. You didn’t ask. Plenty of people were asking for gear to matter. Arms Race (Tediore balance aside) is a race where gear matters. Shallow comparisons to the battle royale genre are a way of presenting the game mode in a negative light. Which I get. It’s not for you. That’s completely fair.

But you’re misrepresenting it if you’re claiming nobody asked for some of the things we see in Arms Race.

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probably woulda been better to have gear matter in the actual main game…


With all respect as for “cooling” it as your say, I know I can easily show more than enough threads, posts, tweets, etc. where the player base has asked for game performance issues to be addressed, whatever they may be, as opposed to customers asking for a battle royale clone. Granted this forum is pretty big so I might have missed it. Nor did I at anytime say anything regarding the customer base not wanting gear that matters in the game but wouldn’t you agree that could be addressed via a patch and not a paid content addition?

Yes the DLC has worked to date, by annoying the player base of those that have chosen not to purchase the latest DLC if I am not mistaken. So if that is the case then what better way to make the player base pay for something than to annoy the h**l out of them so they don’t have to deal with the nuisance or it could be another glitch in the BL3 system.

I do have the first season pass so I am not sure how that content went. Still this new content, The Big ! is a little annoying but mainly it is the dialogue every time you visit sanctuary. They could of marketed the content on the main screen or in trailers etc. I see that the DLC is also not very well recieved , maybe partly because the 4th skill tree is hiding in there.

On a different note I experienced more bugs since playing again such as NPC’s not moving when they are supposed to so that I needed to reload and another seemingly small but annoying thing is when I open my inventory why does it start half way down my inventory page instead of at the top ? I don’t remember that before but I am going off topic. Constant echo messages to the player about a DLC that they don’t have is very intrusive, I wonder if Gearbox can be convinced to remove it or tone it down alot maybe. The other DLC’s are silent which is the right way about it because even if I did have that arms race content I wouldn’t want to be echo’d about it in game constantly until I decided to do it.


You are somewhat mistaken - you get the same audio callout even if you own DLC. Just like Tannis keeps bugging me with that “look at that crystal” when I stop at her office. I probably should start a thread about that… /s

I suspect it will stop once I accept the quest, and it won’t for you - oh wait, I forgot, you have not played the game since summer :slight_smile: , so all expressed annoyances with Arms Race and other new game content by this point are purely hypothetical, no?

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Sure you can start a thread about that, your prerogative. Who knows maybe you will even get people to agree with you. I didn’t recall the other DLC’s prior dropping loot or modifiers for content I yet to purchase.

It’s okay if you forgot, I rarely bring it up :joy: So since I haven’t played Arms Race nor have I purchased it, the opinions that I have stated based on other player comments, threads dedicated to Arms Race, videos and GBX own description of the DLC itself makes my point/opinion null and void, yes? If that is the case then there is a serious problem on this forum with people having opinions about BL3 when they are not GBX employees, game designers, software engineers, etc. wouldn’t you agree? I guess I would be the first one to admit guilt there.

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Not null, but pretty close to zero, as far as how much value it brings to the table. Same if I were to head over to CDPR forums and start complaining about their game. Without ever playing or even owning it, but solely based on pretty devastating reviews I’ve seen, even without making an effort of looking for them.

Sure, I can do it, but is it even an opinion at this point?

Look, I said it before - you do have legitimate complaints re: XB1X crashes, co-op performance etc. But at some point additional ‘opinions’ on BL3 no longer appear rational, they just become axe grinding.

And that’s the last time I respond to your posts, since I probably already violated a couple of forum rules or something. Hope you will get enjoyment out of video games, e.g. BL2, Cyberpunk etc.

Guys keep it civil and more on topic please.


You can go do that, it certainly is within your right to do so, doesn’t necessarily mean that your opinion is invalid. However there is just a slight difference here though, I pre-ordered the game, purchased the game , played the game and even have the DLC that came with the edition I purchased so I might be a little more knowledgeable than someone that didn’t purchase the game at all…just sayn’. Oh yeah, I also jumped through the hoops that is the trouble ticket system to get issues addressed.

As for having an axe to grind, sure I would agree to that considering I paid full price for a game that continues to have performance issues and when said company chooses to continue to put paid content and minimal fixes out instead actually fixing their game a year after its release.

Like yourself I will finish this discussion as well and leave it at that. I’m glad that BL3 is bringing you happiness and hope that it continues to do so.


Sorry just saw your post after I replied to the previous post. Will do.

I agree. I wish they worked on larger groups of Legendaries at a time :slight_smile:

(I know how they’re doing balance isn’t for everyone, but it is a way to do it. They just need to do it more)

I can’t speak to company priorities on gameplay systems vs. core stability (particularly console-focused). I can guess that these are relatively different specifications (engine programmers and gameplay programmers are literally different job roles. I keep tabs on both, though if I were in games I’d prefer tools programmer). I do know that engine programmers are the rarest type (as a rule) and their time is (by comparison) incredibly valuable.

As for delivering gear that matters, Gearbox have been doing that in patches. They’ve addressed boss loot pools, chance to drop, world drops, and actual weapon / manufacturer balance. They’ve put a ton of time into the gear of the core game (with all kinds of results, from mixed to decent). However the core gameplay loop of “rush to get a stronger weapon” is built into the game itself - which is why they likely looked to Arms Race to try something different. By removing the rush aspect from farming, and putting it into mission pacing (with Arms Race) it shifts player priority.

Not to everyones’ tastes of course. Nothing wrong with not liking it, either.


You are actually correct, I think the quest marker is enough, just like the Maliwan takedown site and season 1 DLC. At least the content is owned by the player by default. I do think the echo messages are too intrusive. As I said above even if you own whatever content you are going to do that when you want to, you don’t need to be constantly harrased by it when walking down a corridor.